Education Oriented Proposals Brainstorm

Hey all, as @pedroparrachia and @elementarycomplexity wished, here’s a thread to further the investigation of 3 proposals regarding education for the Genesis community and the broader decentralized governance ecosystem:

1- The Genesis DAO curated “Listicle Article” on dgov subjects;

2- The Digital Onboarding newsletter;

3- The DAOschool (a Genesis DAO curated courseware).


The Genesis DAO curated “Listicle Article” on dgov subjects:

I was checking this blockchain 101 article ( and figured that it could benefit from resources we have already curated (check pinned messages in RD / CD / Legal / dApp Integrations telegram groups), specially in what concerns DAO governance. I thought that Genesis could manage it’s own curated list of educational resources in DAO oriented dgov topics, which could live in a Medium
blog post and be referenced as a leading resource for the broader ecosystem to access, thus promoting Genesis and also leveraging the community’s internal curation moves.

This listicle article could use right away existing curated resources and receive new inputs whenever there’s a new bounty for curation of resources in the aforementioned groups, becoming a repository for such content so that the groups can update their pins without losing previously curated resources.

Whenever there’s an update, it can be announced on communication channels and the Genesis DAO could also create a small marketing campaign to seed it in multiple channels ecosystem abroad, so it becomes an ecosystem resource and not only Genesis community bound.


The Digital Onboarding newsletter:

Runy thought about streamlining educational resources via newsletter that would be arranged as a learning trail and deployed gradually as new members opt in the mailing list. It could be itself arranged as multiple learning trails (creatives, devs, dao creators, dao governance participants). Gotta test adoption though, proof of concept with cohort of perhaps 30 users, discussing pain points and metrics, I can facilitate in recruiting if anyone want to push it forward.

+@runycalmera This could be technically implemented by using an email marketing system where you put sequences of information. Each week one information is send out. Everybody who puts in their name and email will get the sequence. They do not have to start at the same time.

You could send them emails pointing to short videos, emails with links to documents they can read. You could even point them to “tests” to see what their knowledge is after say 4 weeks.

This is a learning resource that is automated. Once you know that people are 7 weeks in, you know that they have seen 7 topics.

You could also share an email for the people who are fast learners.

With some email marketing software you could even send the next email, only when the previous one has been consumed.

I personally use an email marketing system called Activecampaign. But the basics can be done with systems like Mailchimp.

Active campaign has the benefit that you can map out the whole process. But it comes as a cost. The more users you have onboarding the more it costs.

The main benefit of this is that new people do not get an overload of information. And you then know that after 1 month they get everything they need.

You could also create onboarding tracks for people who more want to become developpers etc.

If there is an email marketing system based on a blockchain, or open source that is a better one to use.


The DAOschool (a Genesis DAO curated courseware):

A Genesis managed courseware with different courses / learning trails that users could study (mixing recorded classes from genesis community participants -including a Genesis 101 course / Building with Arc / Growing communities / General topics such as the ones we’re curating in Legal+RD+CD, etc- reading resources) to serve both our community and be a leading courseware for the overall ecosystem to be accesses massively. Great way to promote Genesis, organize resources into actual lessons, educate ourselves internally.

Preview of episodes:

DIY DAO: How to open a DAO on the DAO stack; Community organizing for decentralized organizations; Campaigning your DAO;

Meta: How to Alchemy; The stack tour; Exploring Genesis Resources; Navigating working groups, tasks and proposals;

Ecosystem: Token Design 101; Use Case development; Building with Arc, etc…

Feel free to steal / remix / execute those ideas with or without contacting / referencing me or anyone - creative commons <3


An update on the digital onboarding newsletter.

As I said earlier this can be done with email marketing software - mailchimp /activecampaign.

But also with a CHATBOT. This weekend I managed to create a chatbot for my facebook page.

The bot is a sequence of messages and interacts and gets user interaction. I created a chatbot called Bianca that onboards new subscribers into my business but same can be done to onboard people in the Dao ecosystem.

The chatbot software I use is There is a free version and also a pro version with more features.

Everyone interested to see how this works can send me a message and I will send you the link.

The bot assumes you have a facebook account.

If we do not want to be linked to facebook nor manychat we need to use a decentralized chatbot. If there is anybody working on that chatbot software we could use it.

But I already got it working for my business.

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