Dynamic Fractal Organization

Hi. I am new to dao. I am working with my own dynamic fractal dao called fractal circles, or dynamic fractal organization. (FractalCircles.org)

From the homepage

“A dynamic fractal organization is a system for crowd-based information gathering, decision making, and project management. It is a way of organizing and creating group decisions that optimize efficiency and where all members are involved in the decision-making process. The system is designed to pick up the best ideas from the larger group and bring forth the most trusted people to assist and oversee the process of making the ideas become reality.”

I want to share the model with you to help making your dao project more scaleable.

In a dfo, the organization as always flat. Everyone joining a meeting works in a circle of 6. There new contributions are formed. If the contribution have suport in the local group it is promoted to a higher group. A representative (trustee) is also chosen for each group (every new meeting) to join the higher meeting. Each higher meeting is also 6 people. (This is the fractal and what makes complexity stay low).

I am looking for a team of dao interested people to help spread this revolutionary technology.

I will make the code open source and it can be integrated into many dao projects.

We need funding, programmers and ambassadors. If you can help to be the link into the dao network and make needed proposals to integrate it here that is well needed.

Our main goal is to create a new strategy for a new earth with fractal democracy, crypto and a global marcet place. See our mission on uniteawake.com.

To see our beta look at uniteawake.com/public

Mikael Ananda Cromsjö