DXvoice Multi-sig Transition to Multi-chain

There has been a consistent need to make micropayments for various initiatives across DXvoice. Through the initial establishment of the multi-sig, a Gnosis safe was created on mainnet and funded with 75,000 USDC. This has been functional for larger projects, but with the unrealistic gas fees throughout most of 2021, we found that many so much as refused payment when presented with the constraint of mainnet.

Since the safe was established prior to multi-chain functionality, we have been unable to make smaller/micro payments. We are now looking to transition the existing multi-sig to a multi-chain functional safe, specifically one that can interact with both xDai and Polygon. These two networks were the most commonly requested payment avenues, both baring little to no fees, and of course EVM compatibility. Therefore, the safe will retain the same address on each EVM compatible chain.

To kick things off, a new safe has been deployed on the following chains:

DXvoice MS (Multichain)

Polygon Gnosis Safe Multisig


3 of 5


DXvoice MS (Multichain)

xDai Gnosis Safe Multisig


3 of 5


DXvoice MS (Multichain)

Mainnet Gnosis Safe Multisig


3 of 5


The DXvoice Multi-chain multi-sig (tongue twister!) would retain the same signers on each chain. These signers are contributors involved with DXvoice to some capacity, while bearing at least 1% of mainnet REP (or delegated REP through outstanding syncs).

Signers are as follows:

0xKLOM.eth: 0x91aef3c3b9bab2c306548269ff9b6771f2b107d8

Skymine Labs: 0x734C242BA2d6A47644093F874FA4dad15005CF19

Caney Fork: 0x91628ddc3A6ff9B48A2f34fC315D243eB07a9501

Zett.eth: 0xB5806a701c2ae0366e15BDe9bE140E82190fa3d6

dgrabcompa: 0xD97672177E0673227FA102C91BFA8b8cfA825141

These multi-sigs require 3/5 signers to execute, following the same rules outlined in the initial proposal.

Any thoughts about this transition? Please let us know! If no negative feedback is received, a proposal will be submitted to xDXdao both authorizing the new multi-chain multi-sig and funding it with a small amount of xDai (added to the 2021 DXvoice budget). Upon successful passage, the remaining USDC from the initial multi-sig will be transitioned to the updated multi-chain multi-sig.