DXvoice 2021 Recap and Outlook

Hey everyone!

Last Friday, I had the opportunity to share a little bit about DXvoice’s accomplishments throughout 2021 and how we can translate that into success throughout 2022.

You can view a recording of the presentation here, or you can dive a bit deeper below! I’ve also attempted to upload the presentation as a PDF via IPFS, but have had troubles collecting external sources. Will take a look into a separate upload.

DXvoice 2021 Annual Report

Lots to cover, including:

  • DXvoice Annual Recap
  • Social Statistics
  • Multi-sig Expenditure
  • What we did well
  • What we can improve on

Annual Recap

  • Discord was introduced in early 2021, and has been a smashing success throughout the year. Community members from Telegram have slowly transitioned over, making it the number one community location for DXdao.

  • Spinning out of it’s success, the Discord REP boosts were created. These were ideated as a “governance gateway drug” (or so I called it), but more importantly the success of these boosts has protected REP through its dilution, and distributed freshly minted REP to those looking to become engaged with our governance. 30 Discord REP boosts were claimed from Q1 to Q3, typically claimed by the most active members of at least level 4. I didn’t collect this data, but this should equate to roughly 1% REP distributed in micro doses to aligned community members. After Q4 I want to take a deeper dive into the exact and possible numbers, to consider if it makes sense increasing or decreasing REP distribution values.

  • We also experimented with our first ever round of community incentives in early 2021. The Discord incentive program resulted in rapid growth when it was established, but of course was not without its problems. There was attempts to game the program, although a majority were caught by both automated and manual moderation. The program was an overall success and its findings will be used to explore additional programs in the coming year.

  • DXvoice wasn’t always DXvoice, early in 2021 we were simply “Communications and marketing”. DXvoice was since established with its own soft branding. There isn’t yet an application for this, but we will touch on that a bit later…

  • Alongside the establishment of DXvoice, a multi-sig was created to facilitate a squad budget and help to move quickly on any marketing, communications or partnership related expenses.

  • DXdocs was made to address a large information gap at DXdao. Today DXdao completely owns DXdocs.eth, requiring a proposal to update. Our documentation is utilized by almost every corner of DXdao, including contributor experience, products, and more.

  • Shortly after its establishment DXvoice was ready to bring on additional contributors. Although there have been some structural and recruiting related challenges, we are now pursuing three distinct DXvoice roles.

  • At the tail end of the year, we also experimented with decentralized advertisement through Blockscout, where you should be now be able to find an animated Swapr banner for all GnosisChain users to see!

  • Last but definitely not least, we prepared large branding overhauls for both DXdao and our flagships Swapr and Omen. This includes updated brand guidelines and more that we may not be ready to talk about.

Social Statistics

Focusing on some raw data now, you start to get a tighter grasp on DXdao’s social growth throughout 2021. Notable statistics:

  • Nearly tripled our member count YOY. Important to note, this doesn’t include Telegram growth but does include its baseline (since the data was difficult to scrape). This means that our YOY growth is likely far beyond 3x/200% (accounting for all DXdao Telegram channels.
  • Surpassed two million impressions on Twitter alone. This equates to DXdao presenting in front of two Crypto.com arenas per week!
  • Grew to an average of ~250 messages per day in community channels from ~25. This again doesn’t include Telegram, which was a prevalent community channel throughout 2021 and would likely bolster this statistic further.
  • DXdao Twitter channels were visited by nearly 500,000 unique accounts throughout 2021. Twitter describes “Profile Visits” in their stat documentation as such: “It does not include multiple visits from the same user”. This means DXdao had nearly 500k users that went out of their way to learn more about us throughout the year.

Multi-sig Budget

Wrapping up the data, lets chat budget.

In 2021, DXvoice established a multi-sig and budget to facilitate payments and move quickly on certain initiatives. It’s worth noting that the above data is a reflection solely of multi-sig payments, and not of total budget. Since mainnet has been largely impossible to make micro payments, many Marketing, Community and Operations expenses were made either independently or through the DAO. DXvoice is looking to rectify this going forward.

What we did well

  • DXdao has become much more intimate with its community throughout 2021. This is accomplished through new community channels, activities such as the community call and POAPs, as well as partnerships and general cross community initiatives.

  • As mentioned above, Documentation has taken a serious step forward at DXdao.

  • Establishment of the DXvoice multi-sig and related processes has prepared us to scale and made a very serious impact on our key metrics since its inception.

  • Although still throughout finalization, unification of DXdao branding has been a tremendous success. DXdao’s presentation is in a fantastic position, and we are excited to continue exploring this going forward.

  • Through additional onboarding and communication practices, we have had the ability to carry our initiatives further with supporting design collateral.

  • With the slow passage of Covid-19, real-world events have once again become a real thing. We started with ETHCC and EthLisbon with a solid contributor presence alongside some fancy event specific swag. We are hoping to improve this presence in the future, starting with EthDenver in early 2022.

  • DXdao communication also improved significantly throughout 2022, keeping the community up-to-date on active initiatives through aforementioned new community channels.

2021 POAP Examples

2021 Landing Page Teasers

There may or may not be some alpha in the linked presentation…

What we can improve on

  • Working as a decentralized DAO on the Ethereum network provided some unique challenges with advertising and deployment of capital. We want to execute on a more diverse set of initiatives over 2022.

  • Through-out much of 2021 we searched for a marketing superstar to independently lead and organize any marketing efforts. Upon reflection, this role may not exist in the DAO world, specifically in the way we had originally envisioned. We are now shifting our strategy to fleshing out a diverse team, where we can collectively introduce structure and organization.

  • The community incentives we did deploy were fantastic, but they were few and far between for a multitude of reasons. We want to deploy more community incentives and programs in 2022, first of which you can find on 1Hive TV!

  • DXdocs was a hit, and is used by almost every active DXdao contributor and community member alike, but it has been a challenge to prioritize over the busy efforts we found ourselves within on the tail end of the year. We want to focus on consistency going forward.

  • Similarly to above, we want to put additional focus on recruiting efforts and fleshing out the DXvoice squad.


That about wraps it up from me! There was lots of info that was discluded to avoid extensive length, but hopefully this covered a majority of important initiatives and our plans rolling into 2022.

Please feel free to leave any questions, comments or concerns!


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