DXventures Opportunity: DoinGud Financial Contribution and Collaboration


Proposal is for a 100,000 USDC financial contribution to DoinGud through the DXventures program.


DoinGud first introduced on the public forum on May 9th: DoinGud Introduction.

Next, Manu Alzuru and Andrew Kline, two co-founders of DoinGud, joined a community call on to present the project on May 16th: DXbiz Weekly Gathering [2022-05-16] - YouTube

Now, the partnership proposal is being made here for open discussion, questions, and feedback in advance of an on-chain vote.

About DoinGud

To start, the DoinGud team has built a beta social marketplace where every transaction “does good”. Initially creators choose verified charities to stream a minimum 5% of primary sale proceeds and 2.5% of secondary sale royalties. The beta-version is already live and building traction at (https://doingud.com/) with top national geographic photographers and other great creators in the space onboard.

Next, DoinGud is adding curation mechanisms allowing anyone (individuals, DAOs, collectives, brands) to curate digital content from various creators for hosting exhibitions, releases or drops. With this foundation in place, DoinGud is positioning itself with a strong product and community to launch their DAO and native token that will have utility in the platform to reward contributors, incentivize participation of all the key players in the system (creators, collectors, social causes, donators, curators, media, agencies), and provide governance when staked.

That is just the beginning. The ultimate vision is to build and integrate an open protocol that will leverage a token curated social cause registry that any other platform, marketplace, or protocol can plug into and stream money to the social causes that we care about. With this, DoinGud intends to disrupt every business model to be infusing social impact into its core offering by transparently supporting social good.

Furthermore, the DoinGud protocol will empower impact communities to:

  1. organize around common impact and humanitarian purposes
  2. build treasuries from an initial token raise and direct contribution of funds (NFT proceed sales, ERC-20 and native tokens) or other digital assets (NFTs, LP tokens and others)
  3. connect directly with the creative communities to stream proceeds from NFT sales
  4. transparently disperse funds to impact makers working towards said impact purpose
  5. reward impact reporters sharing the stories of impact makers
  6. leverage curation incentives to efficiently allocate funds to the various impact makers (Impact DAOs, Non-Profits, NGOs, Community Groups)

DoinGud has also been building a strong reputation in the space working with reputable projects such as Gitcoin and IRL Art (hosted their NFT exhibitions at EthDenver), Giveth, Filecoin, Arweave, MME (top firm in switzerland that launched Ethereum, polkadot, etc), Ceramic Network. DoinGud also has a power packed group of advisors supporting them including Simona Pop, Griff Green, Scott Moore, Auryn MacMillan, Ben Lakoff, and more.

DoinGud completed its first fundraise last year using a decentralized approach by refusing to have a lead investor in favor of sharing smaller allocations to more long-term, value-aligned partners.

Key materials of DoinGud can be found here:

DoinGud Video Presentation: DoinGud Presentation - YouTube

Litepaper: DoinGud_Litepaper_2.0_2021.09.30.pdf - Google Drive

Financial Contributors: https://twitter.com/DoinGudHQ/status/1443294519873597440

Advisors: https://twitter.com/DoinGudHQ/status/1445101310353633284

Key Social Links for DoinGud can be found here: DoinGud | Linktree

DXdao <> DoinGud Collaboration

In the Web3 space, creating a mesh network of value-aligned communities fosters a vibrant foundation to continue growing together. This value alignment shines very clearly though our belief in the utmost importance of decentralization, which is core to our infrastructure as we incorporate decentralized identities, decentralized storage networks, onchain royalties, curation proposals onchain and other architecture decisions that will put DoinGud as a web3 native platform + protocol.

As connected communities, DoinGud and DXdao benefit from each other’s successes and are further motivated to support one another in numerous ways.

Specifically, DoinGud provides a warm entry point into the NFT landscape with initially a social platform for DXdao to mint, collect, and curate NFTs.

Additionally, DoinGud serves as a way for DXdao to be part of the beginning of the “Decentralized Social Impact” movement and culture. With the creation of the DoinGud Protocol, DXdao will be able to plug existing and future products and services into the protocol and allow users to transparently stream money to the Impact Guilds, Impact Makers and Impact Reporters with the use of NFT sales, Impact Yield Farming, or even simply direct donations.

There are also numerous opportunities to collaborate around events (ETHBarcelona), NFT Drops/ Exhibitions, joint communications campaigns (DoinGud has a great content team).

Structure Details

If a proposal is passed, DXdao will be presented with the “Early Contributors Agreement” specifying the planned future allocation to DXdao of DoinGud’s tokens to be released, called $AMOR

The allocation would be representative of the 100,000 USDC contribution at a $30m valuation with 2 years continuous vesting from the token distribution event. For reference, the team, advisors and partners all have 3 years vesting. At the token distribution event, all allocations (team, advisors, partners, financial contributors) will be diluted pro-rata depending on the new allocation for the Community / DAO treasury, and other potential new pools.

Next Steps

If the DXdao community signals interest in going forward with a 100,000 USDC contribution to DoinGud, an on-chain proposal will follow.


Thanks for your post. I have some questions - which perhaps are more oriented at DXdao itself rather than DoinGud.

What is the purpose of DXVentures?

In my eyes, the whole point of DXVentures is to support small teams building projects we support and would likely build ourselves if we had the time and dev resources. That’s also why our investment amount has typically been around ~$100k.

Personally, I don’t think of DXVentures as a venture funds – despite it being in the name – in fact, most DXVenture tickets have been phrased as grants. While, ofc, we wouldn’t mind also turning a profit on some of these tickets, I don’t believe it’s the main priority. In my eyes the main priority is supporting early and small teams building decentralized tool.

In my eyes DuinGud is a much more mature product and team - which already raised $5M in September last year. With a 100k ticket at 30M, we’d be aquiring 0.3% of tokens. A negligible amount IMO (ofc, the amount is negligible because of our ticket size – not criticizing DuinGud here).

DXdao is also not really in the NFT space. Also, not sure if 0.3% of tokens would be enought to claim DXdao entered the NFT space if this proposal were to go through.

Curious to hear thoughts from other community members.


To me, the two key criteria for all DXventures investments are

  1. Is the project building decentralized infrastructure
  2. Is DXdao a potential consumer/user/integrator of the product.

Just thinking about previous investments like Opolis, which is used by some DXdao contributors or Karma, Hats and Double, which all have some alignment with the DXdao product suite (Karma-DAOs, Double-Swapr, Karma-DAOs/Reputation).

So I guess for DoinGud, fulfilling criteria #1 likely comes from its desire to spread the gospel of decentralization? And then, I’m not sure exactly sure how DoinGud fulfills #2 criteria, but would be interested to hear more about possible areas where DoinGud could be leveraged by the DXdao community in a specific way?


Thank you guys for taking the time to reply @dlabs @Powers and to dxDAO for willing to hear our proposal.

Here are some comments:

  • We came to DXVentures because of the alignment of building infrastructure that is decentralized at its core. For examples profiles on DoinGud are using the ceramic network and giving full control to the creators themselves.
  • At DoinGud we have built initially a dapp that looks like a marketplace using NFTs and soon it will be more like a social media app. However, what we are focusing on now is in the DoinGud protocol which will enable any other NFT marketplace, DeFi or any other web3 protocol to plug into it and start streaming money to social causes transparently.
  • Being able to stream money transparently is only the first stage. We envision a world where social causes are going to be DAOs and they need to be transparent in order to identify the real impact that they are making. We believe that having DX DAO as part of our community can bring a lot of value and knowledge to those DAOs.
  • DXDao could have a creator profile within DoinGud, publish content that can be tokenized and have splits for all the members that participated in the creation and the DXDAO treasury.
  • DXDao will be able to use also the NFTickets product for events (check what we are doing with ETHBarcelona for example)
  • DXDao will be able to curate content and work symbiotically with creators that could help with spreading the DXDAO vision/intentions.
  • By DXDAO being part of the DoinGud family, you guys could potentially be part of the different guilds that feel aligned with your values (Public Goods, Freedom of Speech or any of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals for example).
  • At DoinGud we want to use also many of the tools that you guys have built like carrots and also the gov 2.0 that you guys are working on.

I personally believe that this is really an opportunity for both teams to work together and keep pushing our values of decentralization and freedom. We would love to enable to your users of the different products the option of giving and be part of this ecosystem of communities of care.

I know that the current market is not great and that is stressful to see our treasuries go down so bad, but if you really believe that there are many other forms of capital that web3 is unlocking and that web3 can be used for making the world a better place (not only for speculation) then I highly encourage you to support us and to buidl together with us.


I think this can be a very interesting investment. I like the vibe of Doingud and their vision. I had the opportunity to met @manualzuru at Liscon and it left a good impression on me.