DXswap v0.1.0 -> v1.x Roadmap

DXswap Roadmap

A lot has been talked about DXswap internally and in our calls, I wrote a roadmap of what will be happening with DXswap during the rest of the year, this has be reviewed internally among DXdao worker colleagues and presented in precious public calls.

This roadmap reflects the commitment of DXdao to the DEFI space to provide 100% decentralized applications and generate value for DXD holders.

DXswap Stack

DXswap-core: https://github.com/levelkdev/dxswap-core
Dxswap-periphery: https://github.com/levelkdev/dxswap-periphery
DXswap-sdk: https://github.com/levelkdev/dxswap-sdk
DXswap-dapp: https://github.com/levelkdev/dxswap-dapp

DXswap v0.1.0

Fork of Uniswap V2 deployed on kovan and mainnet with minimal changes:

  • Dynamic protocol and pair fees, allowed to be changed by factory and pair fee setters. This changes are implemented only on the smart contract level.
  • UI/UX changes to show DXswap names and brand in the dapp.

It will have the entire tech stack deployed only on kovan, release on master branches with minimal documentation and no fees changed.

DXswapFactory: 0x5CFc35C07Ca81CCe087e1fEa81096c4A58eE8Ee2
DXswapRouter: 0x203440fbaa18004bdFB09cd5CdC20f9D17E25694

Release v0.1.0 Pull Requests:
- https://github.com/levelkdev/dxswap-core/pull/9
- https://github.com/levelkdev/dxswap-periphery/pull/4
- https://github.com/levelkdev/dxswap-dapp/pull/10
- https://github.com/levelkdev/dxswap-sdk/pull/4

DXswap v1.0.0

First stable and official version that supports and display dynamic-fees in the application level

  • Show protocol and swap fees to be used in the dapp.
  • Show the fee setters of the protocol and each swap fee pair.
  • Documentation of the entire stack, form the smart contracts to the dapp.

It will have the entire tech stack deployed on mainnnet, ropsten and kovan with the latest release on master branches.
The kovan deployment will have DXD pool with 0% swap fee and other pool of any ERC20 tokens with 0.15% fee, the rest of the pools will have the default swapFee.

v1.0.0 is estimated to be delivered in August 2020.

DXswap v1.x Features

DXdao token registry

Integrate the dxdao token registry to the dxswap-dapp, fetch tokens registered on mainnet from the token registry.
Add a guide on how to submit ERC20 tokens in the token registry.


Create a Proxy smart contracts that will allow the DXdao to set and remove swap fee pair owners, the fee pairs owners will be able to change the swap fee pair.


Each token pair can have their guild that will use the token pair liquidity token to govern their swapfee, DXswap will provide a guild factory contract that can easily deploy an ERC20Guild contract for any token pair. This can be even integrated in the proxyFeeSetter, where DXdao can allow the proxyFeeSetter to automatically deploy guilds that will govern the swapFees of each token.

Token Allowances

Add a section in the dxswap-dapp where the user can inspect his token allowances to the dxswap router contracts and remove them if desired.

DXdao Applications Integrations

There are lot of integrations that can be done of DXswap into DXdao applications, allowing them receive any ERC20 for payments, it will be able to interact with any ERC20 in Omen, Mix and DXtrust.

Exiting times ahead, I will be working on this with @nicoelzer, @corkus and @JohnKelleher .

I keep you posted!