DXswap v0.1.0 Kovan Release

A few days ago the DXswap Roadmap was published, now Im here to share DXswap v0.1.0 working on kovan with a pool of DXD kovan token.

DXswap Dapp v0.1.0 IPFS LINK

v0.1.0 Releases

These are the first releases of the DXswap stack, from these initial releases each component of the dapp will be releasing new minor and major releases.

DXswap-core v0.1.0
DXswap-periphery v0.1.0
DXswap-sdk v0.1.0
DXswap-dapp v0.1.0

Over the next two months we will be working on:

  • Kovan testing and deployment of DXdao-DXswap.
  • Integrating dynamic fees in the DXswap sdk and dapp.
  • Unique hash verification from builds, to verify the builds by the community before each deploy.
  • Documentation.
  • v1.0 mainnet release.

DXD kovan token: https://kovan.etherscan.io/token/0xdd25bae0659fc06a8d00cd06c7f5a98d71bfb715


Just created another pool with WEENUS token, is an ERC20 token to be used for testing in kovan.

Weenus address https://kovan.etherscan.io/address/0xaff4481d10270f50f203e0763e2597776068cbc5

You can get WEENUS by executing the drio function here https://kovan.etherscan.io/address/0xaff4481d10270f50f203e0763e2597776068cbc5#writeContract

Looks great, and seems like it works really well. Awesome work Augusto! :partying_face:


Thanks @KadenZipfel!

Also you can get DXD kovan by buying it in dxtrust.eth.link ans using kovan :slight_smile:


@AugustoL nice work! Would be awesome to add a limit order feature at some point using gelato, for example: If Price of ETH / DAI is 200, sell 10 ETH to DAI. Would provide dxSwap with another edge over the traditional interface!


Yes, there is a lot of stuff that we can add, even more in times like these where DEFI is growing so much. BUT I see a conflict here in the way the protocol was designed, to be simple and cheap, adding more features like that affecting the “low level smart contract trading” will take a lot of time to make it efficiently, and I dont see it happening without changing the low level protocol.

Something that can be done in the “Periphery” level is to add that order book feature to the router contracts, there can be two Routers using the same PairFactory & Pairs. That will be the place to start, fork the periphery contracts and integrate the order-book features, ofc it should be with mesa ;).

This way you will have Gnosis Protocol and DXswap merged in a RouterTrader contract.