DXswap strategy chat Oct 10 15:00 UTC

Meeting date: Friday October 9, 2020
Hong Kong: 11:00pm
CEST (Berlin): 5:00pm
UTC Time: 3:00pm
Buenos Aires: 12:00pm
Brooklyn: 11:00am
Houston: 10:00am
Denver: 9:00am
San Francisco: 8:00am
Meeting link: https://meet.jit.si/dxdao


Fee free to add suggestions below or DM me

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Is there any summary or recording of this conversation available?

Super excited about the upcoming launch. Pretty big provider of DXD/ETH liquidity on Uniswap at the moment, so would be good to know what to expect (when launch is scheduled, what benefits we can expect from moving over to DxSwap, how we think that may impact DXD price etc).

Will there be a general launch & marketing update/post at some point, just so we can also all help spread the gospel and drive excitement and uptake.

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Unfortunately, we did not record this meeting. Zett presented his nearly finished mock-ups for new DXswap brand and UI. I’m not sure how those will be rolled out.

The current strategy around DXswap can be found in the DXswap - Positioning and Roadmap document. In there, the roadmap/timeline is broken into:

  • Deployment and DXswap.ETH launch (1-3 weeks)
  • DXdao Supplied Liquidity, DXD Incentives, Aggregation & Front-End Updates (1 - 2 months)
  • Pool Governance and Protocol Upgrades (3-5 months)

From my understanding, most core and periphery contracts are in final testing phase this week and then can be deployed by anyone in the community. Once a proposal is created, the community can test out on mainnet before DXswap.eth is launched.

DXdao supplied liquidity will take some more time as the relayer contract needs to be audited and the Alchemy UI needs to be updated to allow proposals/voting for multi-generic call scheme. Both of those are in testing/finalization phase now and hopefully the proposal process can get started in a week or so.

There’s no consensus yet on DXD rewards. Some have want to make them vest or somehow incentivize long-term liquidity providing. Open for ideas if you have any here?

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Thanks so much @Powers

Familiar with the main launch plan etc. All looking good, more timing and encouraging you guys to share in the build up so we can all share.

Absolutely a fan of vesting for DXD rewards. I fear otherwise it is just another yield farm for a short boost. We want to recruit longer terms…