DXswap strategy chat Aug 21 15:00 UTC

Meeting date: Friday August 21, 2020
Hong Kong: 11:00pm
CEST (Berlin): 5:00pm
UTC Time: 3:00pm
Buenos Aires: 12:00pm
Brooklyn: 11:00am
Houston: 10:00am
Denver: 9:00am
San Francisco: 8:00am
Meeting link: https://meet.jit.si/dxdao


feel free to add items below or DM.

Proposed topic for the agenda: Protocol fee denominator to be used.


  • DXswap demo on Kovan
  • Fee strategy
    • How do they appear?
    • How to control them
  • Migrate liquidity from Uniswap
  • Targeted pools
  • DXswap brand


  • Liquidity mining
  • Uniswap.info? Or Just Dune page

Uniswap Top Trade 50 Trade Pairs (spreadsheet)

  • Almost all 50/50 ETH - only 2 pairs in top 50 are sUSD-$BASED and USDC-USDT
  • Best pools for fees are ones with high volume and low liquidity pool size (ETH-CRV & ETH-DIA are top in this regard)
  • DXD-ETH pool on Uniswap
    • Pool size: $251k
    • 24hr volume: $995k!
    • 24hr fees: $2,986
    • Lots of volume arbing with the Curve
  • Unsurprisingly, top tokens by volume are trending, recently launched tokens
  • PNK & DMG could be attractive pools too
  • Is there anyway to see how much comes from Uniswap.exchange vs elsewhere?
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