DXswap Kovan v0.2.0

Hola a todos (hello to everyone), since I published the DXswap Roadmap one and a half months ago I’ve been working a lot and most of my dxdao time has been consumed by trying to reach the mainnet release of DXswap core contracts and dapp on August and we are very very close.

The DXswap Dapp uses other “projects” that had to been updated and work had to be done on them before start working on the dapp, the most important one was the dxswap-sdk where I release a v0.2.0 version with everything we need to fetch the fees from the network :slight_smile:

I also published new releases that can be considered stable of dxswap-core and dxswap-periphery contracts.

And at last,I did a merge of the latest changed that happened in the uniswap interface app, it is very important to have our dapp up top date to what is happening in the uniswap dapp, we want to reuse as much code as possible.

Ok enough chit chat, here you have a deployment of the v0.2.0-beta release:


New features:

  • We are showing swap fees, the user will see the swap fees for the pair he wants to use in the swap section.
  • We are showing protocol fees, the user will see the protocol fees charged for each add/remove liquidity operation.
  • Minor changes in UI, small cards to show fees information added.

How to test

I added ERC20 tokens for testing, you can get the tokens and addresses here. The ETH/DXD token pair has a swap fee of 0.2 % and we have a protocol fee denominator of 10, which means that 10% of the swap fees will go to the protocol owner (currently a kovan dev multisig).

Report issues here: Issues · levelkdev/dxswap-dapp · GitHub

Whats Next

For the mainnet release I will have a deployment script that will create the factory contract and create the very first token pairs of DXswap :partying_face:. We should start campaigning and reaching out projects and talking in the community to see which token pairs do we want to create and support at first.

@nicoelzer is working on the DXswap scheme that we will use from the organization to add/remove liquidity and set the fees, we should decide how our “liquidity strategy” will be, we had some ideas in the last DXswap call that happened the 14/08.

1.- Deployment of kovan DXdao that will add/remove liquidity in DXswap kovan.
2.- Mainnet deployment of the contracts.
3.- DXswap-dapp v1.0 deployment on IPFS.
4.- Execute dxswap ENS assignment and liquidity transfer proposals, here it will be good to coordinate majority vote!, we already did it with mesa.

That is all for now, if you want to be updated of what is happening and discuss with us the next steps join us in the dxswap calls, happening every friday at 5pm CET in https://meet.jit.si/dxdao or the #DXswap channel in our keybase community.


@AugustoL this is pretty awesome. I just played around with everything you can play around with. I think the amazing thing about DXswap/uniswap is that it is so simple, there is not much to go wrong or confuse.
I found a few small issues (which I raised) and also had a few outstanding questions (left in DXswap Keybase chat).
I do still wonder if there is some small design or color twist that can make it DXdao’s? Even something slight. We want people to clearly know it’s DXswap and not Uniswap.
Interested to hear what others think.
Great work!


The pinata link doesn’t work for me for some reason, just a blank page. Checking the console I see Failed to load resource: net::ERR_CONTENT_LENGTH_MISMATCH.

I’m also getting the same error trying to load the pinata link