DXswap Dapp v0.3.0 in Rinkeby

DXswap is ready to be tested in Rinkeby with the classic W-X-Y-Z EENUS tokens and more! If you like to sit frorm time to time you can use CHAIR tokens, if you like to absorb knowledge and DEFI wisdom like DXdao you can use the SPONGE token, if you like drinking tea but you want to be cool you can use MATE token and at last the token of the best flag of all, the ANTARCTICA FLAG token.

To get the latest version deployed you can check out the pull request where we will be deploying the new versions each time we get closer to the long awaited mainnet release.

Where do I test?

Checl the latest link shared in the pull request: https://github.com/levelkdev/dxswap-dapp/pull/45

Right now is: https://gateway.pinata.cloud/ipfs/QmUBkndsWYFYhywj93d46Wkp3qrj3rzGfmm2WN7kpzG1Uo

How do I get test tokens?

Go to the token link below:

Look for the function number 4 called “drip()” and execute it, you will receive 1000 tokens.

What do I do if I find an issue?

Create a new issue in the issues section of the dxswap-dapp repository https://github.com/levelkdev/dxswap-dapp/issues or mentioned what you found in the #dxswap channel in keybase.

Next Steps for DXswap

Once we get a nice UI/UX done in the dapp we will deploy the DXswapDeployer contract specifying wich pairs are going to be the first ones to be created, we also have to populate the dxswap list in our token registry with the tokens that will be listed.
After that the DXdao will sent ether to the DXswapDeployer contract confirming the DXswap smart contracts ownership.