DXswap - biz strategy and liquidity mining

Hi all,

On today’s Biz Dev call, we discussed a potential liquidity mining campaign and the conversation quickly grew past the scope of weekly Biz dev call. I wanted to continue the conversation and organize a weekly call for DXswap.

Check out the liquidity campaign overview and the spreadsheet for a sample breakdown of a campaign. The numbers will have to be adjusted but some highlights:

  • 750 - 1000 DXD distributed every month to DXswap liquidity providers. 1/2 distributed every week; 1/2 vests in one year
  • Targeted campaign: 1. DXD Pairs (ETH/Dai/USDC) 2. Partner pairs (ETH + LRC, GEN, GNO, PNK, DMG 3. Popular pairs (ETH/Dai, ETH/USDT)
  • $600k allocation from DXdao treasury
  • REP distribution - 5,000 REP a month, split evenly between individual liquidity providers and liquidity pools themselves.

In addition to the liquidity mining campaign, there are several other items to consider before the launch of DXswap. Some to think about:

  • Content campaign - 1. Forking Uniswap 2. Liquidity mining announcement 3. Pool Governance 4. others?
  • Other social media and marketing
  • Integrations - with aggregators, DeFi skins,
  • Audit? Partner with a group?
  • Insurance?
  • Pool management portal - how to adjust fee
  • Stake DXswap liquidity pool token?
  • Listing on IDO, could whitelist for DXD mining when approved

Some initial thoughts I had, but keen to get others’ thoughts. A weekly DXswap call (and dedicated team and roles) would help us move the ball forward here.

Will try and find a time for a weekly call.


I asked 100 times to clean old Dxdao before you start any marketing companies, before you start to write articles, first you need to clean your mess. After marketing, people will dive in to Dxdao and what they will found today ? Mess with out of date info, not clear uses cases for DXD and so on.

Need to be delete ALL old posts by old Dxdao from:

Dxdao on Dao talk :point_right: dxDAO Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Reddit :point_right: https://www.reddit.com/r/ethereum/comments/bue6q4/the_dxdao_is_a_large_experiment_in_onchain/
Gnosis blog :point_right: https://blog.gnosis.pm/magnolia-mgn-tokens-faq-a2a873cdce9a

DAOstack - DutchX - Dxdao → dxDAO — DutchX documentation

and etc, I mean have you ever type Dxdao in google ?

Yesterday I spoke with Beth from Gnosis, maybe she can help to clean all this mess.

Then need to be redesigned and re-organized Dxdao page, before we start marketing as traffic need to flow to the target smoothly without blocks.

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You want to distributed to Liquidity providers REP, for what ? Why do they need REP ?
Can you answer me, please ?

You think with they 0.000001% vote in Dxdao they will care or you as REP will care about they 0.000001% vote power ?

You ask them to provide to you a liquidity, to send they wealth to you and in exchange you offer REP.
We must care better and not be SO greedy and engage with self-deceive.

DXD is only an answer. As they can sell it after, they can hold it for revenue and I hope they will have a vote with DXD. They do not need REP. This is like you coming to the bank and they give you a small candy and you feel like your are part of this bank and you are in good hands, but this is fake.

I have a friend who can potentially bring in other token startups to do double incentive rewards for LPs. I’m filling him in and hopefully he can join the conversation.


Landed on a time for call (at least this week):
Friday August 14, 2020
Hong Kong: 11:00pm
CEST (Berlin): 5:00pm
UTC Time: 3:00pm
Buenos Aires: 12:00pm
Brooklyn: 11:00am
Houston: 10:00am
Denver: 9:00am
San Francisco: 8:00am
Meeting link: https://meet.jit.si/dxdao

Friendly time! Bring any and all ideas about DXdao. See above for initial topics to discuss and the DXswap liquidity mining notes.

Here is some cool ideas, maybe this can be a key to dxswap attention -https://twitter.com/IvanGBi/status/1293815267659845632

With xdai integration you can offer Uniswap with lowest tx on the market.


Here is xdai community and they already exciting about Dxswap x xdai

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Building on L2 will really edge DXSwap from the competition. These gas fees as of lately have been out of control and if this truly is the beginning of a larger cycle with Defi at the forefront I think it’s safe to assume that gas fees will remain relatively high and will be a barrier of entry for ‘new money’ coming in the latter half of a cycle.

I did not attend the Biz dev call but was there talks of a halving style emission of DXD instead of a linear one? I’m somewhat 50/50 on Reputation distribution. The relationship between DXD and Reputation is not very well understood and new money pouring in will have an even more difficult time to find the time to read up on it. I could see REP being rewarded in only DXD pools since the potential recipient would need to invest in DXD first or earned it by providing liquidity in non DXD pools.

Just a few thoughts from my end


Great point on REP in only DXD pools. DXswap could essentially be the lock-DXD-for-REP scheme that’s also been floated.

Layer 2 solutions should definitely be explored. There seem to be promising solutions but the lack of composability would hinder growth. I imagine there will be a few L2 chains (Loopring, Optimism) that have more DeFi activity. Presumably, the liquidity mining campaign could even distribute on L2 through Rails or something.

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