DXRetreat 2021 Lisbon

DXRetreat 2021 - Lisbon

In June, DXdao passed its DXEvents signal proposal - which also signaled an intent to hold a yearly retreat for DXdao contributors. The upcoming Lisbon Blockchain week appears to be a great opportunity to hold such a retreat. Not only is Lisbon an up and coming tech-hub, but it’s geographical positioning is also convenient for the majority of DXdao contributors - being easy to reach for both European based contributors as well as those in the Americas.

Lisbon Blockchain week runs from the 18th to the 24th of October, with the following events already scheduled (and more to be announced):

LisCon 20-21 October

ETHLisbon 22-24 October


This proposal suggests a DXRetreat to take place the week before the Lisbon Blockchain week. Namely, from the 10th of October until the 17th.

This proposal aims to cover all accommodation costs from the 10th to the 25th of October. As well as a budget for team building and workshops during the DXRetreat.

An informal poll showed interest from ~17ish people to attend. After receiving some initial quotes for accommodation, €15k seems a reasonable amount to plan with. This comes out to roughly €60 per person per night. Moreover, a budget of €5k seems to be reasonable to cover activities / workshops during the DXRetreat week.


This proposal sends a total of €20k ($25k USD) to the DXdao MS wallet - from which funds can be drawn gradually to cover costs. Retaining the funds in the MS adds a layer of security.


Further proposals will likely be created to cover costs for Lisbon Blockchain week - such as funds for sponsorship, covering transport for contributors as well as daily allowances. This proposal is submitted first, due to the urgency of booking accommodations in time.


Great kickstart, Dave. Are there any references to break down the budget mentioned above? A table, for transparency, with cost estimation would be much appreciated down the road should this proposal get staged.

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Hey Adam,

As mentioned in the post - the €15k funds are for accommodation.

10th to 15th ~€6000
15th to 25th ~€8000

The accommodation prices above are estimates, as it ultimately depends on the number of people attending. However, we need to reserve those places as soon as possible, as there already is a very limited selection of places available in Lisbon to accommodate such a large group. The idea behind using the MS, is that MS signers can verify bills and only disperse exact amounts.

The further €5k is for workshops and team building activities during the DXRetreat (10th to 15th). Which, with an attendance of 17 people comes down to ~€50 per day per person. Nothing has been booked yet, but when we do want to book something, we’ll have to move quickly with the payment and passing an 8 day on-chain proposal everytime we want to book something seems highly inefficient. For this, this proposal authorizes €5k to be sent to the MS. Any eventual remaining funds at the end, will be returned to the DXdao treasury.