DXReferral - Referral Reward Proposal [Draft]


One of the best ways to help DXdao grow and thrive is by having our own valued and trusted community refer new contributors into our ecosystem. Contributor UX is proposing an incentive referral structure that encourages and rewards our contributors to help grow DXdao with exceptional individuals. The following outlines a proposal for DXdao’s Referral Reward program - DXReferral.

How it Works

How to refer a contributor:

  • Send the following information to the Contributor UX Squad (@Melanie or @allyq ):
    • Contributor Referral name
      • Position of interest
    • Links to the following (if applicable) :
      • Referral’s Linkedin
      • Referral’s Resume
      • Referral’s Github
    • Date of Referral introduction to DXdao community
    • Brief Summary of DXdao Contributor and Referral relation

Who can be referred?

  • Anyone who you think fits one of our open positions, can make a positive impact on DXdao, and who you would enjoy collaborating with.

DXReferral Reward

  • To thank you for sending us referrals, DXdao offers a reward of $1,000- $5,000 of ETH/Stablecoin for each referral that contributes for at least 6.5 months.

  • At a minimum each contributor must complete and commit to the following in the first 6.5 months:

    • 2 Week Trial Period
      • Attend all squad calls, the community call + at least one (1) other regular DXdao call
        • Part-time contributors commitments to DXdao meetings may vary
      • Check-in directly and regularly on Keybase with your squad guide
      • Complete assigned tasks in a timely manner
      • Engage and communicate within the DXdao ecosystem
    • 6 Months
      • Attend all calls that are relevant to the working area of the contributor
        • Part-time contributors commitments to DXdao meetings may vary
      • Check-in directly and regularly on Keybase with your squad leader
      • Complete assigned tasks in a timely manner to ensure squad goals and initiatives are executed
      • Engage and communicate within the DXdao ecosystem
  • Reward Matrix

    • Reward amount is determined by the level of expertise and experience the candidate has in the role they would like to contribute to. See below matrix for details.

Additional DXReferral stipulations

  • Referrals must be minimally qualified for the position you referred them to based on the contributor description
  • Contributors will be distributed their referral bonus within 30 days of their referral meeting qualifications by completing the following:
    • Contributor UX squad reviews and verifies new contributor referral has met commitment requirements
      • 6.5 months
      • See above for additional details
    • Referral announced in Contributor Hub Channel by referring contributor
    • Referring contributor submits proposal in a forum post on DAOtalk outlining referral details
      • See link for a DXReferral proposal template
    • Referring contributor submits DXReferral proposal on xDai requesting eligible funds
      • (X) amount of ETH/Stablecoin
  • Reward for part time workers will be reduced by the % time commitment of the contributor at the end of 6.5 months
  • Reward amount will be issued at the level amount at which the candidate was referred and started contributing at
  • If more than one contributor refers the same candidate, they shall share the bonus
  • Eligibility
    • This program applies to all position openings at DXdao
    • The following members are not eligible to participate in this program:
      • Members of the Contributor UX squad
  • DXdao will have final authority over all aspects of DXReferral

Current roles we are searching for :

  • Senior Web 3 Front-End Developer
  • Senior Solidity Engineer
  • Solidity Engineer
  • UX Wizard
  • Asia-Focused Marketing Guru
  • Product Support Manager
  • QA Engineer

See here for more open position details and descriptions


With the passing of the new contributor compensation guidelines on January 1, 2022 I propose the following amendments be made to DXreferral to reflect the new guideline amounts:

  • Combine rewards into four levels: 1/2, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8

  • Reward amounts be split into the following:

    • $6k - 7/8
    • $5k - 5/6
    • $4k - 3/4
    • $2k - 1/2

I would appreciate any community feedback on these amendments