DXParis Contributor Stipend

Below outlines a draft proposal of a stipend for DXdao’s contributors participating in the Ethereum Community Conference (EthCC) in Paris, France. EthCC is the largest annual European Ethereum event focused on technology and community taking place from July 19-21st, 2022. In addition, DXdao will be hosting a DAO and DeFi focused event during EthCC week.

Contributor stipend


Daily stipend - $75/daily (up to $300 max)

Transportation - $300 Europe, $800 US / Canada or $1000 long-haul

Accommodation - $200 per night (up to $800 max)

EthCC ticket cost + additional event ticket costs

Mandatory Covid-19 testing - $75

Claiming Funds

Contributors will be able to claim these funds on either network (Mainnet or Gnosis chain) as part of their contributor proposal or as a standalone proposal.


I am creating this post as a draft proposal to amend the current DXParis Contributor Stipend.

After receiving multiple requests from current DXdao contributors, I am proposing the following costs are adjusted on the DXParis Contributor stipend:

  • Transportation - $500 Europe and $1400 US / Canada / Long-haul

If I receive positive feedback from the community I will be posting this on-chain in the upcoming days.