DXmetaverse: World's Most Popular Game meets Play-to-Earn! [Signal Proposal]



The ‘Paradigm Redefining’ Play-To-Earn gaming ecosystem is exploding, with games like Axie Infinity and Splinterlands onboarding thousands of new players each day and reaching valuations in the $Billions. This fast-growing segment of the crypto ecosystem already has more daily active users than all of DeFi combined, and it’s growing at a much faster rate.

DXmetaverse: The bridge from Pay-to-Play to Play-to-Earn

Despite Play-to-Earn gaming’s success, adoption levels are still orders of magnitude lower than traditional pay-to-play gaming. Barriers include convincing gamers to play a different, less popular game which may also be less fun, gameplay design constrained by blockchain limitations, and lower development budgets than traditional games. It’s difficult to convince gamers to start playing any new game - nevermind a clunky blockchain game - when they have so many games they already play and enjoy.

Enter DXmetaverse. DXmetaverse obliterates all these barriers by allowing the over 160 million monthly active Minecraft players to join the DXmetaverse Minecraft server with a click and start earning valuable rewards while playing the same game they know and love! What 13-year-old gamer would turn down the opportunity to get paid to play Minecraft? There are also many adults who play and will invest larger amounts into the more complex industries of the DXmetaverse economy - the average Minecraft player is 24 years old. DXmetaverse’s game fractalization strategy optimally positions the game for success with both target markets.

Why Minecraft?

In addition to being the most popular PC game in the world (and growing), Minecraft: Java Edition servers have access to a wide range of existing plugins which will be customized to create DXmetaverse. Towny will manage land ownership in DXmetaverse’s DAO towns, custom enchantments will be used to create valuable NFT items, and SignShop will be used to create in-game shops, for example. Hosting DXmetaverse’s own Minecraft server comes with total flexibility to run our own code and custom plugins which can interface with the Hive blockchain - both Minecraft and Hive use JavaScript, making it a perfect match!

Why Hive Blockchain?

Hive is a decentralized DPOS network coded in JavaScript/Python which uses a resource credit (RC) system. This RC system allows for no-fee transactions while maintaining a higher level of decentralization than alternatives like xDai and BSC. Hive’s most-used validators are voted upon by Hive stakers - the top 20 nodes publish most transactions - and anyone can run their own Hive node. Hive is perhaps the most well-regarded no-fee smart contract blockchain in terms of decentralization, being followed by Vitalik Buterin and used by Splinterlands, 3Speak, and more; Hive’s storied history of being started by a community forking away from Justin Sun’s centralization contributes to this high reputation.

Hive has proven its viability for successful game projects like Splinterlands, Cryptobrewmaster, APE mining club, and more. This expansion will best position DXdao to use Hive’s integrated decentralized blogging platform and engage Hive’s rapidly growing community of over 300,000 daily active users (most of them Splinterlands gamers), a huge market for DXmetaverse as well as other DXdao products and services.

DXdao and DXmetaverse synergies

DXmetaverse will aid DXdao’s recruitment efforts and lead to more members joining the DAO as DXmetaverse players are converted into DAO members. Talented developers will also be more excited to work for such an innovative DAO that’s involved with NFTs, the Metaverse, and Play-to-Earn gaming. DXmetaverse appeals to a much broader audience than DXdao’s existing product suite, and also has the ability to become profitable much sooner. DXmetaverse can sell: NFT packs (similar concept to Splinterlands card packs) which contain in-game NFT items; town ownership; cosmetic items; and more.

DXmetaverse will also enable a myriad of BizDev opportunities and DAO-to-DAO collaborations. By forming their own town in DXmetaverse, other DAOs such as Bankless DAO, Badger DAO, and more will further their collaboration with DXdao and get their own town with $LAND - see the Land incentive alignment section below.

Finally, DXdao products will be integrated into the DXmetaverse. Try placing a bet on Omen by clicking a sign at the stock market, or deposit liquidity into Swapr by going to the DXbank building next to the town square!

How DXmetaverse Wins

Gaining Players:

  • Minecraft streamer collaborations - Make Minecraft streamers the mayor of their own town in DXmetaverse that they control and can play in along with their followers. This is an amazing deal for them because they’ll be given full blockchain ownership rights to the $LAND claim tokens to the land plots within their towns. They can then give them away and/or sell them on TribalDEX to earn income, similar to how artists profit from selling NFTs. With their town, streamers will bring new players into DXmetaverse while creating unique new play-to-earn Minecraft content to differentiate themselves from other Minecraft streamers.
    • Land incentive alignment: This system aligns incentives because the streamer becomes the mayor of their own town as well as (initially) the primary land owner for that town. They have a stake in the DXmetaverse, and are incentivized to grow their town, which will naturally lead to videos and many more DXmetaverse players. Players are incentivized to join early to get the best land, and then to build and contribute to their town to help the property values in their neighborhood go up.
  • Airdrop for every Minecraft player who completes a simple in-game tutorial and connects their Hive account, leading many of them to join the DXmetaverse. In addition, DXdao POAP holders, $REP holders, and $DXD holders may receive a special $LAND claim token for their own plot in DXdao’s town!
  • Referral system: Partners who refers a player to join DXmetaverse will receive some reward, most likely in the form of a % commission on their future direct-from-DXmetaverse NFT pack and cosmetic items purchases.
  • In-metaverse rewards for Hive posters in proportion to the Hive upvotes they receive on their posts, communicated to them through automated comments on Hive - see the comments this account leaves for a rough example.
  • Google ADs (if necessary) for keywords like, “earn money Minecraft”, “Paid to play Minecraft”, “Minecraft game tester job”, etc. These ADs will link to an article explaining the earning potential of DXmetaverse, and how gamers can earn real blockchain rewards while playing the same game they love.
  • Hive articles: Articles and guides for getting started in DXmetaverse, which will be promoted and boosted on Hive using Ecency points, which can be bought or obtained from delegating DXmetaverse’s $HIVE.
  • Integrated NFTs: Integrate with Loot, Adventure Gold, and other similar NFTs for free marketing. Give loot a use case in-metaverse.

Retaining Players:

  • Gameplay Fractalization: This mechanic allows every player to find their niche within the game, which consists of many self-contained games integrated into the metaverse. Play a simple, self-contained cookie clicker-style game to generate resources; Play classic Minecraft minigames like Bed Wars; Set up an in-game shop; Build your own vertically-integrated business empire… The choice is yours!

    • DXmetaverse: The Chess of Crypto: There’s a gap in the Metaverse/blockchain gaming market where there are a plethora of games which are complicated to learn and/or entail a significant or daily time commitment, like Decentraland, The Sandbox, Axie Infinity, and Splinterlands. There are also simple to learn and play cookie-clicker style games like APE Mining Club. But there is no game which combines the two to provide both:

      • A full gameplay experience for investors/players who desire only a minimal time commitment
      • Engaging and in-depth gameplay that provides hours of fun for gamers
    • DXmetaverse will fill this gap and become the Chess of Crypto: A minute to learn and invest in an industry, but a lifetime to master the economy!

    • Play-to-earn meets popular Minecraft games: DXmetaverse will capitalize on existing, proven successful Minecraft mini-games and add them one at a time as the player base grows to support them. The first mini game to add should be Bed Wars, an immensely fun Minecraft PvP game and perhaps the most popular Minecraft minigame of all time. It will be easy enough to add a Bed Wars server plugin to the DXmetaverse so that newly joined Minecraft players can play the same Bed Wars game they already enjoy, now while earning DXmetaverse rewards!

  • An Economy as complex as players choose to make it for themselves: Different industries within DXmetaverse form their own separate, but interconnected, games. Medieval, modern, futuristic, and magic technology and industries all coexist within DXmetaverse for the best entertainment and possibilities. For example, in the blacksmith mini game, players buy iron from the in-game market. To forge tools, they purchase a furnace, which can convert 10 iron to 1 basic tool or 1 basic weapon (player toggles a button to choose which one) every day. Then, if they buy 100 iron from the market, their furnace can automatically forge 10 “basic tools” over the next 10 days without them having to do anything. Then, they sell the “basic tools” on the market for a profit.
    The basic tools created in the blacksmith mini game are used in the “wheat farming” mini game. To farm wheat, players purchase basic tools, seeds, and cattle. Then, they purchase wheat fields - large, medium, and/or small - which determine their wheat farming capacity. Their farms convert seeds and basic tools into wheat, and require cattle to operate. This wheat is used in the baking industry to make bread, which is used in the restaurant industry as one of the inputs to earn $META, and $META is the in game currency generated from a number of industries and used to trade all kinds of things like basic tools, plots of land, magic potions, and rocket parts.
    Here’s where things start to get interesting. Players’ actions within the blacksmith industry influence the price of basic tools, which also has upstream effects on wheat, bread, and more. Players hoarding items or over-investing in certain industries can cause shortages and surpluses. Sabotage mechanics allow players to temporarily wreak havoc on their competitors. Events can be programmed to have a possibility of happening each day as well, such as a mad cow disease outbreak which kills off cattle randomly, a drought which reduces wheat field production speed, an anti-technologist act of terror which destroys some rocket ships, etc., etc.
    Players start small by playing in just one industry without needing to understand the whole DXmetaverse, allowing for simple gameplay with a low time commitment. But for players who desire more, the DXmetaverse is at their fingertips, and the object of the game is to work up the tech pyramid to higher/more advanced industries like rocket building and magic from the basic ones like iron mining and wheat farming.

    • Valuable rewards for investing in the economy and reaching the highest levels of industry include:
    1. The best items in the game: Gain an edge over your opponents in the DXmetaverse - and in each minigame - by obtaining the best items, including limited-mint NFT cosmetic items, weapons, tools, and armor. These items will have powerful custom enchantments that are impossible to achieve in the game otherwise.
    2. NFTs: Outputs from advanced industries in the DXmetaverse can be used to create in-game player-created artwork, music, and video NFTs
    3. Cold hard $META
    • Season Rankings and NFT Rewards: The top-producing players in each industry will be given NFTs and other rewards at the end of each season. Players will be ranked on the production leaderboard for each industry and for overall categories like net $META income. Players will see who is directly above them on the ranking, and how much more they must earn to beat them. This provides another avenue for competition to be the best in the Metaverse, and gives players a sense of progression as they continually rise in the rankings the more they play and invest. NFT rewards and other prizes will also be given out during holiday or event-based competitions.


Initial Steps

  • COMPLETED: Reserve @dxmetaverse Hive handle
    • Seed Hive account with Hive. This Hive will be staked to gain resource credits, with a portion being delegated to Ecency. “Resource credits” are nontransferable tokens granted to accounts which have staked $HIVE and are used instead of gas on the Hive blockchain, as Hive does not have any transaction fees. These resource credits will be used for game transactions as well as to carry out parts of the Hive marketing strategy such as commenting on many Hive posts!
    • COMPLETED: Reserve dxmetaverse.org domain
    • COMPLETED: Reserve @dxmetaverse Twitter handle
  • COMPLETED: Create first edition of DXmetaverse logo:

  • TO DO: Put together a team to build the DXmetaverse. This team will include a Java developer, as Java is the language of Minecraft: Java Edition as well as the Hive blockchain. Based on feedback from several contributors who’ve said that most existing DXdao contributors are needed on current products, this team will be composed of new additions to DXdao, which I’m already in the process of recruiting for!

Risks and Other Considerations

The biggest risk is that this project will fail to attract enough players to be successful, either due to a failure of marketing or because the gameplay is not compelling enough. To mitigate this risk, DXmetaverse will implement the numerous strategies outlined in the above section, How DXmetaverse Wins.

Another risk is that Microsoft will attempt to block Minecraft players from accessing custom servers like DXmetaverse. This is unlikely to take place on Minecraft Java Edition because Microsoft has already created a separate, less open Minecraft game, Minecraft for Windows, to implement changes like this while allowing Minecraft Java Edition to remain open. Minecraft Java Edition’s custom servers are numerous and form the backbone of the game, and there’s even a WAX blockchain-connected MMO game running on Minecraft. This MMO game runs on an older version of Minecraft and requires a difficult set up process to play, unlike DXmetaverse, so the fact it seems to have achieved moderate success is a testament to the demand for play-to-earn Minecraft servers!

Signal Proposal

Following discussion, this is the planned Signal Proposal to be voted on-chain:

This signal proposal grants approval for me to recruit new DXdao members with the skills to execute on DXmetaverse. This signal proposal will not create any extra time commitment or work for current DXdao contributors other than myself and @KeenanL . This is to accommodate the feedback I’ve received from contributors who’ve said they’re busy with DXdao’s existing product suite, and that they don’t want DXdao to lose focus on existing products. The DXmetaverse team I form will be composed of new contributors I’m recruiting myself to bring into DXdao, so there’s no downside for the DAO’s existing projects. This signal proposal includes outreach to Devs and the creation of a DXmetaverse team. This will start as a smaller time commitment for me, and as DXmetaverse grows and I complete existing deliverables, it will become a larger time commitment. I will continue to fulfill my marketing responsibilities.


This sounds very interesting and it seems like you both put a lot of thought into it and are passionate about it.

I would start with clearly defining the MVP of DXmetaverse and the requirements / roadmap / timeline to get there.

I think that because of the scope of this, we can consider this being incubated by DXventures as opposed to being a direct part of DXdao, but that’s just a thought. If that is the case maybe we can work on a Startup deck from what you have written here, with team requirements, roadmap, understand and quantify the opportunity. If this is a part of DXventures we will also set up KPIs and metrics to measure success and progress.