DXLisbon Contributor Stipend and Funds

Lisbon Blockchain Week is almost here!

This is a great opportunity for our DXdao contributors to have our first retreat and participate in Lisbon’s blockchain week. As shown here, DXRetreat has been something DXdao has discussed in depth, and also passed an onchain proposal to solidify the importance of holding one. In addition, participating in conferences, and events such as LISCON, and Lisbon Blockchain week are highly beneficial to DXdao as it ensures professional growth for our contributors, product exposure, and networking opportunities.

Below outlines a proposal for a contributor stipend and additional funding for side events and misc. expenses during the two weeks. Examples of costs the additional funding will cover are: DXdao’s Prediction Market Event + Happy Hour, DXBeer, joint lunches/dinners, catering and supplies for Greaterthan workshop, and local taxes for accommodations.

Contributor stipend


  • $50 / daily (up to $800 max)

  • $300 (from Europe) or $600 (everywhere else)

  • LISCON ticket cost

Contributors will be able to claim these funds on either network, as part of their contributor proposal or as a standalone proposal. Important to note that accommodations, and a number of contributor meals will be provided by DXdao.


Additionally, we are requesting $15k in funds for additional expenses during the two weeks. These funds will be held in the DXdao MS and distributed ad-hoc, any eventual funds left over will be returned to the DXdao mainnet treasury.

An initial proposal was passed on mainnet to cover accommodation costs - see also the forum thread.


Looks great to me - also makes sense to have different travel stipends for EU / non-EU contributors.

Excited to see you all soon :slight_smile:


Proposal is live on mainnet ! Alchemy | DAOstack


@Melanie use dxvote por favor, or at least share the link in dxvote too.

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I submitted the proposal on mainnet - and I can’t use DXvote on mainnet due to: EIP 1559 - Hardware Wallets · Issue #204 · DXgovernance/dxvote · GitHub