DXLegal Assessments

DXdao encounters a wide set of legal challenges across jurisdictions and specialities. In trying to live up to its decentralization ethos, DXdao is looking to engage with multiple individual lawyers to navigate the different terrains. DXLegal Assessments are meant to be small, paid engagements with lawyers that may become a larger part of the DXdao community. These short-term engagements around a specific topic should give all parties a better understanding of whether there is a fit for longer-term work, as well as giving DXdao tangible deliverables to understand many of the legal challenges, which may not be pressing, but are important to understand and follow.

Below are three potential DXLegal Assessments to be given to three candidates that interviewed for the DAO Counsel position. All are well-versed in the crypto and DAO space and come with different backgrounds.

  1. DXdao’s approach to the U.S. - many DXdao contributors live and work in the US, and it remains the most important jurisdiction for broader regulatory changes as it relates to tokens, stablecoins or other products. This research effort would be an initial exploration of potential challenges that DXdao and its contributors could face in the USA. Focus should be on both the token angle as well as a general partnership. This research can continue the work done on exploring a legal defense fund.
  2. DXdao Decentralization Strategy - DXdao is an on-chain entity, but as it expands it will need to interact with more and more legal entities in the real world. DXdao’s core mission is decentralization and in the future, that can only be achieved if there is a multi-pronged approach without reliance on a single jurisdiction. This research effort should feature a high level overview of potential jurisdictions & entities, as well as suggestions for how governance and the products could limit their liabilities.
  3. AML/KYC overview - an initial overview of what DXdao could be concerned with regarding AML/KYC laws and suggestions on proactive measures to take. The research should also look how different DAOs have approached this question, as well as products similar to DXdao’s that have received notices or taken steps to build a AML/KYC overview.

A completed DXLegal assessment should be completed over 6-8 weeks. The end product should be a 2-4 page report and a public call. It should also include a midway check-in call with the DXdao community. This research effort may also take advantage of existing retainers DXdao has with certain law firms.

Completed reports will be rewarded with $2,500, payable after the presentation is completed.

Anyone interested in completing the DXLegal assessment needs to be pre-approved by DXdao’s ContributorX squad.


I think this is a great idea and way to move forward with the candidates we interviewed. Strong support from my side.


This seems like a measured approach to exploring legal questions and for DXdao engaging with legal professionals. These questions are strategically important to DXdao but with the drop in the market value of the treasury and uncertainty about how long the market may remain bearish, it is also important to take a conservative approach to costs. I support this proposal.