DXgov Guild 2023 Q1 Funding - Smart contract developer - Federico Nanni

Smart contract developer funding

As per the DXgov H1 2023 budgets that passed we included the open role of a senior smart contarct developer to contribute to DXgov.

Federico was onboarded recently by ContributorX and Augusto and has been getting up to speed on the projects and smart contract development tasks in DXdao.

Federico will be helping find and fix issues in current contracts as well as contributing significantly to the development of governance 2.0 which was marked as a deliverable in our H1 budget.

DXgov’s funding is coming from the senior smart contract developer role we assigned as a contingency cost on our budget. Federico is a level 6 and so this proposal asks for 3 months of pay, $24,000 ($8000x3), in DAI to be sent to the DXdao dev multichain multisig (0x9467dcfd4519287e3878c018c02f5670465a9003) then onwards to the DXgov guild (0x3f842726188FcD932d43bcA291be28138228e6D9). It also approves an additional $7000 a month in vested DXD as per contributor compensation guidelines.

This will also increase our event stipend budget by $2000 as specified in this post