DXgov Guild 2023 Q1 Funding - DAVI developer - Yathindra

As per the DXgov H1 2023 budgets that passed we included the open role of new DAVI developer focusing on our frontend.

Yathindra was reffered by Madusha and fits well into our requirements of an experienced developer to help DXgov reach its goals and OKRs set out in our H1 budget.

DXgov’s funding is coming from the DAVI developer role we assigned as a contignency cost on our budget. Yathindra has a notice period and so will be part time for 2 months at 25% before moving on to fulltime. Yathindra is starting at level 4 due to his relevant experience but lack of specialised experience in web3. Yathindra has 1 month at 50% then 80% for 2 months as per the trial period guidelines. (6000x0.25x0.5) = $750 for first month at 50% then (6000x0.25x0.8) = $1200 for the second month, so this proposal requests $1950 to cover until the end of H1.

And so this proposal asks for 2 months of pay, $1950, in DAI to be sent to the DXdao dev multichain multisig (0x9467dcfd4519287e3878c018c02f5670465a9003) then onwards to the DXgov guild (0x3f842726188FcD932d43bcA291be28138228e6D9). It also approves an additional $1300 in vested DXD as per contributor compensation guidelines.