DXgov 6 month Budget 2022

This is DXgov’s first budget and covers 6 months from September onwards. This is a draft and open to feedback. We are also going to discuss all squad budgets as a whole and then produce a budget for all of DXdao to better understand our runway over the bear market.

Working out a budget is both a little simpler and a little more complex for a product squad in comparison to marketing. It’s simpler in that the most obvious expense is salaries but audits throw a large spanner in the works. Going off of ~$170k for a brand name audit and ~$30-50k for a non-brand name (~200k for one well-covered set of contracts), adding one more audit a year or deciding on no big name brands will make a huge difference.

Average of 2022 so far $28,835 (1.66 leads + ~4 devs)

Monthly contributor expenses (allowing for a 25% increase) $44,940 ($269,640 /6 months)

  • One additional planned hire of frontend engineer
  • Potential for 3 level increases across squad (just an estimate to be safe)

One off expenses totalling $11000 /month ($66,000 /6 months)

  • 6% event spending $2696
  • Audit $50,000 per 6 months

$335,640 6 month budget

18% of overall suggested budget down from 24% of previous expenses.

This should help increase DXdao’s runway without meaningfully impacting the products we can produce.

2 large audits $400k/year if we were to go name brand.

I think relying more heavily on our smaller auditors makes a lot more sense with things as they are and so $100k/year is far more reasonable.

There are a couple of other expenses I don’t believe should come under DXgov but are related. We need premium enterprise rpcs ($1-2k /month) to make DXvote more stable for governance, I think these should either be governance or general development costs. We also have a couple of dev tools like ethernal which helps develop locally with smart contracts that should probably come under a general development budget (for relatively cheap tools).

Since we are now using QA I believe we are going to set out a new squad and budget just for them since they span multiple teams.