DXdocs V1.1.2 update and proposal

A proposal has been submitted to update the resolver for DXdocs.eth to point to the content hash of the V1.1.2 release, described in this GitHub release. This update makes minor adjustments to the Contributor Hub sections for use by the Contributor X team.

Verifying the IPFS content hash

This build is currently not reproducible, nor is the current live version. DXdocs does not handle any wallet connections or handle any funds. This will be rectified at a later date.


Checkout master (commit abbf7c422d890f0b811b2b03deaeb2dcc46f7b19)

run bundle install

run bundle add webrick

run jekyll build

run ipfs add _site -r -n

You should get QmXmVpfbEZYjm44D3LqHB4rkbDQL2CeDBv3wSomN9WjDyZ, if reproducible.

Calldata to ENS Public Resolver

ENS name: DXdocs.eth

Content: ipfs://QmXmVpfbEZYjm44D3LqHB4rkbDQL2CeDBv3wSomN9WjDyZ

Content hash (hex): 0xe301017012208c16a773acfe35139b975c45feebb17da7bbd0104f5ad50258e992a62e583e20


Looks like the proposal content isn’t loading into DXvote, which is why the above text can be found in this thread. The proposal can be found here: