DXdocs.eth - Adjusting content hash via. DXvoice Multi-sig


DXdocs has been DXdao’s primary documentation resource for over a year, and has been mostly successful at collecting DXdao-related content and information into one focal source. Its primary issue lies within the processes associated with adjusting or adding to said content, resulting in outdated content and a lack of broader participation.

To better maintain and expand upon DXdao documentation through DXdocs, as mentioned in the H1 2023 DXvoice objectives, DXvoice is working through various adjustments to the entire deployment pipeline. The goal is to better educate on the processes associated with changing or adding to DXdao’s documentation, and have that accessible at a faster rate than the current implementation.

Until these are established, this proposal aims to accelerate the current processes and alleviate costs to the DAO by adjusting the DXdocs.eth controller to the new DXvoice multi-sig, identified as 0x00Ce8162527Da8bD59056E2A54C3726886cBa676 on Ethereum Mainnet and Gnosis Chain. This will allow us to make quick adjustments as we modernize documentation and continue to prepare baseline content for DXdao and its products.


  • The above DXvoice multi-sig has been authorized on-chain by a proposal in December of 2022.
  • Allowing a MS to adjust content hashes is less decentralized;
    • DXdao has already authorized the multi-sig – trust
    • DXdocs does not handle funds, but does display contract addresses

This text is mostly to ensure the content/context of the proposal is accessible, and any concerns can be raised. The proposal will be submitted ASAP – tomorrow, provided no immediate problems are identified.