DXdao x Metamouse: Partnership Proposal / Project Fundraising

Hey, dear dxDAO community!


Our Metamouse ( https://metamouse.cc/ ) project is a payment infrastructure for Web3. We also have crypto licenses in Europe and Canada for our public companies. At the moment, with Metamouse, users can pay almost any Fiat bill. We are also in the process of integrating crypto cards, which will be analogous to bank cards.

Our main users are DAO and Private individuals. Since we work on a P2P model, we don’t collect KYC, what is our advantage. We also support payment to most countries in the world. Many of the DAOs are also our partners and not only pay their expenses (travel, servers, events, meetings, etc.), but we also integrate their tokens, and also have many other options for cooperation:

  • Commission Fee Discount
  • Payment of Fiat bills with crypto for DAO
  • Integration of DXD for fiat bill payments
  • Cross-Marketing Activities


Metamouse: https://metamouse.cc/
Presentation for DAOs: https://metamouse.cc/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/For-DAO.pdf
Metamouse on Product Hunt: Metamouse - Pay your bills with crypto | Product Hunt
Altercap OU ( Estonian Company, Licensed to operate in Europe ): MTR
Altercap LTD ( UK Company, MSB License ): https://www10.fintrac-canafe.gc.ca/msb-esm/public/detailed-information/msb-details/7b226d73624f72674e756d626572223a3136363936332c227072696d617279536561726368223a7b226f72674e616d65223a22616c746572636170222c2273656172636854797065223a317d7d/


At the moment, we are planning a transition to DAO and raising funds ( only from other DAOs ) for the faster development of our project. We are currently in the process of investigating all requirements and would like to hear all your questions! :slightly_smiling_face:

Best regards,
Roman from Metamouse Team


Hey DXdao Community!

We have finished our pitch deck, which you can see here: Pitch Deck for DAO.pdf - Google Drive

Best regards,
Roman from Metamouse Team