DXdao Weekly Meeting (Resources) [2021-03-25]

DXdao Weekly Meeting (Resources) [2021-03-25]

tags: DXdao Resources

This weekly meeting is focused on discussions around DXdao resources

Meeting date: Thursday, March 25, 2021

UTC Time: 16:00pm

Meeting link: https://meet.jit.si/dxdao


  • Resources

    • Product teams have been quite active organizing
    • Squads identifying needs and communicating them
  • Recruiting

    • Exploring a Professional Recruiter

    • Scalability and L2 need - have potential interest

    • Marketing role

      • Another idea is to leverage new decentralized marketing tactics
      • Meme-guy?
    • Better incentives / pay

    • Bonus structure - Exploring this idea around OMN token. How do we incentivize the right behavior with certain milestones?

    • In two weeks, April 8th - revisit Budgets, treasury and product roadmap updates

  • Anything else?