DXdao Weekly Meeting (Resources) - [2021-03-11]

This weekly meeting is focused on discussions around DXdao resources

Meeting date: Wednesday, March 11, 2021
UTC Time: 16:00pm
Meeting link: https://meet.jit.si/dxdao


  • Resources

    • Each Squad should be able to clearly identify their needs and communicate them
    • Dates for milestones/product roadmaps for each Squad (in line with OKRs)
  • Recruiting

    • DXdao could use more Dev resources - how do we get?
    • Scalability and L2
    • Acqui-hire?
    • Better incentives?
      • Base pay
      • Increase locked DXD earnings (maintain aligned incentives)
  • Leveraging Dev Shops discussion/evaluation - ongoing and moving forward

  • Access to Audits - issue across ecosystem

  • Referral bonus: Idea for referral bonus for senior web and solidity devs (and potentially any other position we feel we’re struggling to fill)

  • Anything else?

Related items:

  • Bonus structure - how do we incentivize the right behavior with certain milestones?
  • Other tools/workers need (Tenderly, subscriptions)
  • Scheduling quarterly updates - Budget, treasury and product roadmap updates, schedule on one of resource coordination meetings in April