DXdao Twitter Spaces Community Call [2022-05-26]

Date: Thursday, May 26th, 2022

UTC Time: 15:00

Meeting link : DXdao Twitter

DXdao Meeting Schedule : Weekly Meetings | DXdocs

This call will be held in Twitter! DXdao is experimenting with an upcoming show titled “Operation Decentralization”. This call will be used to experiment with the format and get contributors familiar with Twitter spaces.

Open Community Discussion

Discussions will be more open and fluid, discussing what a DAO is and how it functions before going into regularly scheduled topics.

The agenda this week includes:

  • Guests from EPNS - Open discussion on what a DAO is, the current DAO landscape, and how DXdao operates

  • DXgov Q2ish Report & Update

  • Liquidity Provision and Farming in Swapr

  • SWPR Arbitrum and Gnosis Chain final Emissions Funding Proposal

  • Open Questions

In attendance will be many DXdao contributors including Squad heads for all of DXdao’s products and teams. The call will be recorded and posted in this thread once uploaded to the DXdao Youtube channel.