DXdao <> Tenderly

DXdao <> Tenderly

This week we had Bogdan from Tenderly on our weekly Dev Call & Governance Discussion to discuss the opportunity to purchase a Tenderly license for DXdao. I want to shortly give some background on what we plan to use Tenderly for and outline possible next steps.

In the last few months we not only have seen the number of proposals on Alchemy rise, but also some increased complexity in the proposals itself, as we interact with more and more external contracts & protocols. With the MultiCall installation just a few days away, this will get more complicated. Both from Security & Proposal Experience we should ask:

  • How can we make sure proposals that contain malicious contract calls are identified (early)?
  • How can we make sure (technical) Alchemy Proposals are actually configured correctly and won’t fail because of misconfiguration (Several examples happened in the last months)

As we currently do not have native Alchemy features that provide tooling around it, we were looking for potential tools that could help us to simplify proposal monitoring & improve the proposal creating experience. Besides some other tools we tested, we quickly identified Tenderly as a great fit for our challenges we try to solve. Tenderly does not only simulate transactions easily with an API integration, but also helps identify issues & provides debugging tools. While we got a free courtesy license for the last few weeks to test the integration and tool (Working integration live in the Keybase #Security channel) we’re convinced Tenderly is the right fit and would want to go ahead to purchase a license.

What do we plan with it?

Security Bot
With the Security Bot we’re monitoring every DXdao Alchemy Proposal & publish Proposal Details in Keybase. We already successfully created an integration between Tenderly and the Security Bot on Keybase, which we will extend to also support MultiCall proposals.

Alchemy Integration

With my current worker proposal responsibility I will work on an Alchemy & Tenderly Integration that allows to simulate Proposals with Tenderly before submitting the Proposal on Alchemy. I will also collaborate with @AugustoL on getting that feature delivered in DXvote in the future.

What’s next?

The next step would be to coordinate the license purchase with Tenderly. The license is $500 / month. In respect to proposal costs & coordination, I would propose to create a proposal that sends the costs for 6 months. Tenderly will provide an address and expects the Payment in USDT.


A proposal has been created.

As we currently don’t hold USDT in the treasury, this proposal will create a treasury debt and can be redeemed by Tenderly as soon as the amount in USDT is covered.


Awesome! I’m excited to see DXdao start paying for services itself.

And what a great product/service.