DXdao & Status: Partnership exploration document

DXdao and Status have similar goals when it comes to decentralization. Both entities seem to understand the importance of decentralization first, and strive to work towards this.

The goal here is to explore a potential deeper partnership between DXdao and Status, identifying how each party can learn from the other, benefit each other and continue to build towards the goals each party is striving for.

DXdao does not have too much experience with this type of idea, but this could be a good first case around exploring this idea.

To start, there are a number of topics or categories where we could explore a collaboration.

Web3 browser and Dapp discovery

Status is a secure messaging app, crypto wallet, and Web3 browser built with state of the art technology that strives for private, secure communication.

One of the highlights of the Status mobile application and it’s Web3 browser is Discover DApps feature using https://dap.ps

The Status Web3 browser is able to resolve ENS urls like https://omen.eth/ directly to the IPFS hosted site eliminating the need for a middleman.

This becomes a favorable method to reach these DXdao sites and products on your mobile device if you don’t want to rely on a centralized mechanism:

We are currently setting up Omen and Mesa and will follow with the others when timing is appropriate.

DXtag: #development

Co-branded Guide for building in the Web3 space

DXdao and Status together can be leaders in building decentralized organizations/collectives.

There are a number of ideas here. One idea is to publish an article/guide about some of the ways DXdao and Status are achieving their goals with a very strong focus on decentralization.

DXtag: #marketing

xDai Support

Status mobile wallet has native support for xDai network.

With potential plans to expand DXdao products like Omen and Mesa to xDai Chain, a wallet with Web3 browser native support for xDai Chain is a big advantage for users. An easy network settings change to xDai Chain with the app provides a smooth user experience.

The Status Network

The Status Network which builds the products, tools and infrastructure for resilient, sustainable and inclusive communities is potentially something that DXdao can leverage in its building processes.

DXtag: #development


DXdao and Status have an opportunity to market together, leading to shared awareness between communities.

With DXdao products displayed on Status, with .eth resolving baked in, DXdao can recommend Status app as a great mobile option.

DXtag: #marketing


I believe that DXdao is now in a strong position to start to develop partnerships and collaborations with different stakeholders across the space where the collective thinks it makes sense.

Would be great to hear your thoughts around this idea.


Me gusta mucho! I like it !

WEB 3 browser support is a must for true centralized apps IMO. So it would be great to have this close relation with status.

Also, we are using keybase as community chat, does status offer all the features we need to manage a big community?

I think it would be good to have someone from status in our next weekly call to let us know how we can start collaborating.


@AugustoL Status Desktop (mainly for chat) is in Beta but I think it could eventually become a good tool for DXdao.
The Status mobile app is solid, further along with crypto wallets and Web3 browser embedded.

I agree that we should members from Status join our call (maybe DXbiz call) so we can dive deeper into some of the ideas we’ve been discussing.