DXdao Snapshot a tool for monitoring

With a considerable amount of funds now being held by the DXdao we (the team working under this work proposal) considered we needed an open-source tool to easily check/analyse whats happening on the DXdao.

DXdao-snapshot github repository

The dx-snapshot tool will:

  • Get all the transactions and events from DXdao controler, avatar, reputation, token, schemes and Genesis Protocol contracts.
  • Decode and order the events.
  • Output everything in a single .json file (now near ~40mb size).
  • Log al the actions terminal window.
  • Log active schemes and proposals.
  • Log proposals that will execute a generic call with the values needed to simulate it.

How to install and run

With this single command you can clone the repository, install dependencies and execute the scripts.

git clone git@github.com:AugustoL/dxdao-snapshot.git && cd dxdao-snapshot && npm i && npm start

Simulate Generic Calls

You can simulate generic calls using https://tenderly.co.

View the raw snapshot

You can view the raw snapshot on https://jsoneditoronline.org.

What should I do if I see something weird?

First double check, make sure that you wont arise any unnecessary concerns, If you are sure that you might have fund something malicious report it in the #development chat room in keybase.

Whats next?

I created some issues in the repository, those should be tackled next, add more block explorer providers, improve the snapshot structure and the performance, etc. check it our and submit your PR, if it is accepted you will be eligible to be paid from the new developer fund :slight_smile:


Very cool! Was this meant to be poster in general DAOs?

Nice! That’s great, we can hopefully start building some really useful tools with this. Look forward to checking it out as soon as I have time.


nope, my bad, just changed it to dxdao.

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