DXdao signaling contract (Reputation mapping)

Hello Everyone,

Opening a new topic for the new signaling contract, big thanks to @pepo and @nicoelzer. I’ll start with the mapping instructions, for more info scroll down.

How to map your Gnosis safe reputation to xDAI:

  1. Go to the contract URL
  2. Click Write contract
  3. Click Connect to web3
  4. Choose your Gnosis Safe
  5. In the topic put 0xac3e2276e49f2e2937cb1feecb361dd733fd0de8711789aadbd4013a2e0dac14, which is xDAI hashed.
  6. In the value put the address that you would like to use on xDAI.
  7. Click Write

Out of the loop?
The purpose of this contract is to remap Gnosis safe contract wallet users onto a new address so they can be used on xDAI
(Gnosis safe, which can’t ‘sign message’, doesn’t have xDAI support at the moment, and once they will, the wallet generation process is not deterministic so it won’t be the same address)

The signaling contract

This is a simple signaling contract, each DXdao user can sign a transaction with topic (e.g. xDAI Address) and the respective address.
In the future this can be used as a profile system for the DXdao like your role, location, etc (without doxxing yourself yeah?) Nico has made a concept UI for this in Alchemy.

Once we have this % of Gnosis Safe users who remapped their addresses we will deploy the xDAI DAO. (You can add yourself to the DAO at a later stage)

  • 20
  • 40
  • 60
  • 80

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this is super smooth!

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