DXDAO Retreat - Cartagena 2022

In April, DXdao passed a proposal (Draft Proposal - DxDao Hackathon and Retreat) to explore the possibility of hosting a retreat in Colombia after Devcon VI in Bogotá.


This draft proposal suggests a DXRetreat to take place the week after Bogotas Devcon VI, between the 17th of October and the 22nd, near the city of Cartagena.

The DXRetreat will be a four day event, with spaces for connection, co-creation, distribution of knowledge, personal/mutual learning and also recreation, in a context of connection with nature away from the city (for more information on the location, contact @Melanie).


The cost for the hotel for 5 nights will be a total of 68,216,000 COP, which translates to 15,802 USD at today’s exchange rate. This is to be paid in two installments: one as soon as possible for the reservation purposes and the second 10 days before the event.

This cost includes accommodation and breakfast for 22 contributors and 3 facilitators from Lateral for 5 nights, transportation to and from the location from Cartagena and exclusive use of the accommodations. The accommodations will be closed just for DXdao, for the first 4 nights.

For the food & beverages, it will be à la carte, so it will depend on the actual consumptions, but we estimate about 5,900 USD total for the 5 days.

For other activities, this will depend on a more detailed design of the retreat and exploration of possibilities. However, we have already completed preliminary research and estimate 5,000 USD to cover these additional costs.

In total this proposal is requesting 108034107.66 COP or 25,000 USD.


This proposal sends a total of $25K USD to the DXdao MS wallet - from which funds can be drawn gradually to cover costs. Retaining the funds in the MS adds a layer of security.