DXdao Priorities Board


The goal of this document is to clarify a framework for a modular prioritization system within DXdao. It builds on prior work done by numerous DXdao team members working on the Restructuring and Refocus Proposals.

Prior document and sources to reference:

DXdao Vision

The Vision is the guiding idea that drives the overall strategy for the DAO. It guides what products are worked on, how they should function, and how they interoperate. But a vision is not a statement about the organization. It is instead a statement about the world. A vision frames the conversations about the “whys” of the organization. The moves, initiatives, and projects that an organization undertakes combine to act on the world and realize the Vision. There is an early contender for the stated vision that came out of the DXdao retreat: DXdao Enables Community Freedom.

DXdao’s Priorities

In order to achieve this vision, DXdao must examine where it is now and set a course or path to achieve its vision. This path is built up of many different work streams and tasks, goals and targets. These compete for DXdao resources, which are finite. DXdao governance can impart its preferences through the funding process itself, the amount of funds sent, as well as the milestones & goals and objectives & responsibilities in the six month budget. This does not address cross-guild goals or give guidance to the DXdao community for things that come up in between the six month funding cycle.

The DXdao Priorities Board is a mechanism that enables DXdao to communicate more clearly to guilds and others in the DXdao community on what it sees as the most important items to achieve its vision.

What are priorities? Priorities are goals, little north stars, or even ongoing tasks or responsibilities. They are intended to be short (a few words or a phrase) and easily digestible by the broader DXdao community. Having priorities laid out and sorted makes it easier for contributors to coordinate across squads and guilds.

How does it work? Each guild will have 3-5 ordered priorities and there will be a top 10 list for DXdao overall. These are voted on by DXD and REP holders through a rank-choice system (or something like ESP Signal).

How to get on the board? To get on the board, a priority needs at least 15% of DXdao mainnet REP in support. Once it reaches this threshold, it then enters the ranked choice vote for its respective guild or squad.

How is the board managed? There will be a monthly meeting for an open discussion on all of DXdao’s priorities. There will also be a monthly forum post to gather feedback on the current priorities. This meeting and post will help determine if anything new needs to be added. The monthly ranked-choice vote will take place in the days after the monthly meeting.

Is there any enforceability? No. The Priorities Board is meant to be a signal. It should be a very strong one, but how the priority is implemented continues to fall to guilds and squads to execute. The priorities board should be used to adjudicate disagreements and not following the priorities board will likely result in increased scrutiny on funding proposals and the next budget request.


Priorities boards can be implemented at the guild or squad level, in addition to the DXdao level. To decide the initial priorities, squads & guilds should come up with their list of the guild or squad’s priorities. This will then be ratified or changed by DXdao governance after discussion.

To kick things off, here is a DRAFT Priorities Board for DXdao and its guilds and squads.

Reminder this is a ROUGH first attempt. The linked sheet also has extra priorities that didn’t make the cut. Discussion below, and all are more than welcome to come up with their own ones.

The first priorities board meeting will be in January, where the initial board will be set. Over the next month, please provide any feedback on the structure/process as well as think about what DXdao’s top priorities should be.


Regarding >>REP holders strategy discussions:
Does this have to do with Augur’s $REP?

@Augus No, REP refers to DXDao’s current non-transferrable token which is used for governance. It cannot be bought or sold (since it’s nontransferable), only earned by contributing to the DAO