DXdao participation in Legal Activism DAO

DXdao should seriously consider participating in the Legal Activism DAO initative started by some of the yearn guys.

The post is pretty great and explains well the reasoning and benefits from something like that, plus takes shots at the Uniswap - VC/Narrow take on crypto regulation.

Yeah its leaning towards token voting and all, but this is something the DXdao has discussed in the past (Allocating a certain amount of funds for legal fees).

Could discuss on the Monday - Bizdev / Wednesday - Governance call.

At any rate – I would like to signal our interest in the forum.


@nylon Yes, we should participate where we can. Please comment on the thread, and I’ll create a username so that you can link me in.

We reached out to someone from LexPunk and are still waiting for a response.

Comment here:
Would also like to be a part of the LexPunk discussions :slight_smile:

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Proposals now exist in other DAOs in the ecosystem

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