DXdao participation in dGov pool

Recently, folks in PrimeDAO have proposed a curve pool composed of several DAO tokens.

This purpose of this topic is to discuss, ahead of a signal proposal, on the pros and cons of participating in this pool.

The signal proposal, which will be submitted on xDAI, will link back to this discussion thread.

dGov introduction:

With the exponential growth of the blockchain space, PrimeDAO’s members believe that it is necessary for the long-term growth and resilience of individual decentralized organizations to work together to achieve common goals — a crypto-native form of polycentric governance. To this end, PrimeDAO is spearheading work in understanding and applying DAO-to-DAO (D2D) relations, having thus far published a short manifesto, research article and community report.
In support of increased DAO cooperation, members of PrimeDAO propose the creation of a DGov Pool: a joint liquidity pool on the Balancer protocol for those DAOs who have made credible commitments to decentralization and already overlap in their ecosystem cooperation.

Original post:

Initial discussion in the Bizdev call (First 10 mins)

DXbiz Weekly Meeting [2021-03-15] - YouTube

Somehow the ''common insurance fund to insure systemic risk" sounds just like the opposite of it. It introduces systemic risk.