DXdao Multisig Refunds Round #6

The latest MS refund numbers are here. Below you can see the gas costs incurred by signers of the Gnosis Multisig from Block No #13330090 to #13527858.

The numbers below also include tx costs involved in relaying funds from the MS relayer.

Total ETH: 0.4138005677384201

Address ETH Amount
0x91628ddc3A6ff9B48A2f34fC315D243eB07a9501 0.153249
0xC4a69FBf4511A1377161834Cb7a3B8766953dB02 0.0206372
0x734C242BA2d6A47644093F874FA4dad15005CF19 0.114628
0x08EEc580AD41e9994599BaD7d2a74A9874A2852c 0.0194796
0x462384d457aCE0E5702f8B2a6734F599E0E96809 0.0555205
0x87C308B70AD9eacbef0Cb43514a104684eDB8A5D 0.0403943
0xE1D2210A967eE144aAD31EcD08565E894B88FFaf 0.00989204

The Multisig holds a couple of ETH to refund signers. After a couple of this forum post being online, I’ll go ahead and innitiate the refunds in the MS as transactions for each signer.

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