DXdao Multisig Refunds Round #0

Hi everyone – below you can see the gas costs incurred by signers of the Gnosis Multisig in Q1 of 2021 - from Block No #11565019 to #12150244.

These have been calculated with the following script: multisig_refunds.py · GitHub

Address ETH Amount
0x91628ddc3A6ff9B48A2f34fC315D243eB07a9501 0.45886
0xC4a69FBf4511A1377161834Cb7a3B8766953dB02 0.144782
0x734C242BA2d6A47644093F874FA4dad15005CF19 0.187681
0x08EEc580AD41e9994599BaD7d2a74A9874A2852c 0.190459
0x462384d457aCE0E5702f8B2a6734F599E0E96809 1.03506
0x87C308B70AD9eacbef0Cb43514a104684eDB8A5D 1.01276
0x56E9dF04a965f9E85cfC27F823210a7C94E70AD8 0

Total ETH: 3.0296061111

I believe we haven’t yet formally agreed how to refund these - they could be refunded through a refund smart contract just as the governance gas refund works. Which chain and at which frequency these are refunded at is also still up for discussion. Let me know your thoughts!


Awesome! Thanks

This proposal, which sent 250 ETH over to Swapr xDai, included 5 ETH to cover multi-sig gas costs, so the reimbursement is already in the multi-sig and we shouldn’t need a separate contract for this. That will leave ~2 ETH still left for future reimbursements.

For multi-sig signers, whenever a reimbursement does occur, please reply to this thread with a link to the transaction so we can account for it.

I also think this process could be repeated as other multi-sigs are used for smaller, more nimbler things (I’m thinking of marketing mostly)