DXdao - Month in Review

DXdao: Month in Review

September was tamer than August, but only slightly. The pace of innovation and activity in the DeFi and DAOs space continues to accelerate and DXdao is right in the thick of it. September was filled with product developments, governance discussions and community engagement. Let’s dive in.



47 proposals were passed in the last 30 days - a very active month for DXdao governance. Many were worker proposals; 12 DXdao contributors have worker proposals that have passed in the past 30 days, across development, design, marketing and biz dev.

Important proposals that passed in the last 30 days:

xDXdao on xDai is here! Check it out. Great work by @Eylon and the DAOstack team to coordinate Reputation Mapping (for REP holders with Gnosis Safe wallets) and GEN <-> xGEN Token Bridge. There are already live proposals on xDXdao and a proposal from mainnet DXdao to fund xDXdao $10k in ETH and 3k GEN. This will be a great way to test bounties and marketing campaigns at lower levels and also experiment with GASLESS VOTING (on signal proposals at least).

Community REP Boosts is a great initiative spearheaded by Sky to proactively reward community members’ positive contributions to DXdao. Over 11 addresses were awarded REP in the past 30 days as part of the first batch, from long-time contributors like @fin , @Eylon and @chen to more recent contributors like @CLCL and @Delphi_Digital.
If you know of a positive contributor to DXdao who deserves REP, nominate him or her!

For the latest updates on all the governance happenings, check out the Ongoing Governance Initiatives spreadsheet.

Bits and Pieces

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With so much going on with DXdao I’m sure I missed a lot. Corrections and additions (& feedback!) welcomed below.


Awesome work.
Truly useful with such an active project in a noisy arena.

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great write up and thank you very much for this.


Ha - great idea.
Rails tips can be sent to GetOnRails.eth
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Amazing work @Powers

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Gathering information and links for October’s Month in Review. DM me any thing you’d like highlighted!

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