DXdao, Mix, Omen listed on Everest, Mesa soon


the projects mentioned in the title are now listed on Everest.

To sum it up I quote Everest’s twitter:

"Everest is a universal registry of crypto projects curated by the community.

With the launch of Everest, we can now organize the crypto economy in a decentralized way & share details about dApps, DAOs, funds & more in a composable manner. The registry uses the ERC-1056 identity standard, so every project has an on-chain identity. This means the Everest subgraph can be integrated by other dApps to showcase project details & we can expand on the registry’s utility by adding jobs, events, blogs & more! This is the foundation of Web3: creating useful primitives on top of open infrastructure that allow us to build on top of each other’s work.

The vision for Everest is to showcase the power of composable APIs & a proof of concept for the value of decentralized applications.

Anyone can add a project to Everest & owners can challenge projects, vote on challenges & delegate votes. This is governance at work.

By decentralizing curation, Everest can be relied on as a dependable building block without giving any privileged group control over the data.

Projects can be claimed by Project Representatives, like contributors or investors. Claiming a project signals validity & reduces the likelihood of being challenged.

Everest is bootstrapped with 100 top projects."

As soon as I finish adding Mesa to the list I’ll start a propsal to ask if you support this idea.

Here are the links:



Great work @Jefgenowitsch!

At some point we should make sure to transfer the ownership to the Dxdao. With that, we would need a new on-chain connection to the Everest contracts.

Mesa now added too!