DXdao Mainnet-Base reputation sync


The DXdao is expanding to new networks and blockchains in a “CHAIN-base(xDAI-base)” structure, in similar fashion to what was outlined here:

Currently there is one live base – xDAI. But an additional base is soon expected on Arbitrum, and in the long term several more bases on different blockchains and networks.

On the topic of reputation distribution there are two ways to approach this “Fork-and-copy” base method.

  1. From the moment a base is forked it has its own reputation distribution which deviates from the DXdao Homebase.
  2. Reputation from the bases should be reflected in the DXdao.
    Since #1 does not require any attention, this is a solution to #1.


This is a process for a quarterly / bi-yearly reputation updates to mainnet DXdao according to the reputation changes on the different bases. This will be done using the RepAdmin plugin.

Register a reputationAdmin scheme to the DAO

  • arc/ReputationAdmin.sol at master · daostack/arc · GitHub
    • _avatar – DXdao Avatar
    • _maxRepReward set to total amount of rep to mint
  • Control the reputationAdmin plugin via a multicall plugin with the reputationAdmin plugin as whitelist contract.
    • The ReputationAdmin plugin can be used to Mint or Burn rep up to 100 members in a single proposal, this limitation is due to gas cost.
    • Payment for execution gas needs to be budgeted because it will fill up most of an ethereum block and be extremely expensive.

In the current stage there is no NO UI in this proposal

Phase 2

  • ReputationDiffer tool
    • Script
      • Input mainnet DAO
      • Input list of bases and their chains
      • Output sum of rep difference
      • Address, +/- rep

Next steps

  • Finalize development
  • Deploy Scheme on Rinkeby
  • Test minting
  • Test edge cases
    • Over the Rep limit
    • Mint to more than 100 addresses
    • Test start and end time
    • Test 1 multicall to deploy scheme and mint rep (in one transaction)

Let’s discuss this further on the Dxdao Development call.
CC @AugustoL


This is an important initiative. If Governance 2.0 Signal Proposal passes, then main net REP distribution will become more important (and potentially lucrative). It’s important for DXdao’s growth and decentralization to distribute REP, particularly the 0.1667% monthly REP award to contributors and the REP boost program.

This system seems to be the best way to aggregate and distribute the REP, even if it’s gas intensive. Perhaps this is a discussion for Governance 2.0, but it’ll be important that we figure out a long-term solution to keeping track of REP distribution. It is “DXdao’s ledger” in a lot of ways.

Two other things:

  • As mentioned on the gov call yesterday, we should try this scheme out on xDai base and update the REP distribution to the latest mainnet REP distribution.
  • We should be open to inflating REP on DXdao bases that does not affect the main net REP distribution. With Arbitrum in the pipeline, it may be difficult to constantly reconcile all of the bases and we may want to incentivize participation on specific chains.