DXdao Inventory Proposal DRAFT

DXdao depends on a number of pieces of infrastructure like smart contracts, web hosting services, etc. in order for governance and general operations to function.

Presently, there is no “source of truth” for where all of these assets live, who deployed them, who is responsible for their upkeep, what role they play in the operation of the DAO, and so forth. For solidity contracts specifically, there is also no unified record of which compiler version was used to compile the code.

This proposal is the first of a potential series of proposals to evaluate the security posture of the DAO overall. In this proposal specifically we propose that Phil (Sunfish Technology) produce documentation that enumerates the smart contract assets of the DXdao governance framework and first-level callers and callees, their ownership, and their operational mechanisms with the intention of expanding it into a more complete security document over time.

This work will occur over five working days and will cost $9000USD, paid in ETH at the prevailing market price at the time the proposal is made. The work will be delivered
in a public git repository (location TBD) as a plain-text document that can be rendered into PDF or HTML.

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