DXdao in Colombia 🇨🇴

Hello Everyone

Before I get into the Devcon/Retreat part of this post, I just want to say how impressed I was by everyone who was at the retreat, including those who participated from a distance. Extracting such a powerful vision out of the collective that is DXdao, in my eyes, is nothing short of amazing.

“Enable Community Freedom” (not cemented as the official DXdao vision) eloquently sums up that which is front and center of our industry right now and speaks volumes to the caliber of contributors that make up DXdao. Because I love DXdao, I am going to venture to say it could very well be legendary in the history of DXdao and I for one, am very excited about where we go from here.


TL;DR - Be part of building products that are easy and fun to use. Add them to a larger environment that helps bring independence (sovereignty) to those that use them and in return, yourself.

This was my first Devcon and I will say that it was a whirlwind of daily presentations and nightly networking. At the end I had all but lost my voice and found Nimi monsters roaming in my dreams. Kidding, but you get the idea.

One of the primary themes among Devcon presentations and workshops was once again onboarding new users. No surprise there as it has been a recurring theme over the last couple of conferences and rightly so. The need for the Web3 ecosystem to expand and onboard new users is vital to ensure its resilience and longevity.

Center to this “onboarding new users” discussion was UX/UI design and how its user-friendliness and/or lack thereof has and continues to impact Web3 adoption. Presenters specifically drew attention to the need for much deeper and earlier collaboration between the various parts of an organization, noting significant successes in their organizations by implementing this. These UX/UI presentations and workshops were always packed and if you did not arrive early, you were not guaranteed a seat. It seemed like members from every conceivable project were eager to get their hands on any and all information available that could help guide them to improving their products and out-reach programs to attract new and potential users.

Another major theme was the need to assist and support disadvantaged and under-privileged communities. This became apparent to me during the planning phase of Infinite and even more so as numerous speakers over the course of the week called attention to this, both at Devcon and other side events.

Founders mentioned obstacles they personally faced, not to mention members of their respective DAOs and organizations. They talked about basic requirements, such as having access to a computer or the internet, to other lesser known bureaucratic things, like needing to get an invite letter to apply for a visa to enter the country.

It was a clear and blatant reminder that things are very far from being decentralized and a lot of work remains to be done. It was also very inspiring to see the push for individuals and organizations alike to do as much as possible to help build the ideal decentralized web3 space and bring personal freedom to the masses.


TL;DR - The retreat showed us that we are a team. A team that wants to be successful together. It showed us that solution driven communication easily sets us on the path to this success. The retreat was a banging success.

I can honestly say that in all the time that I’ve been with DXdao, this is probably the most exciting and promising time yet. The retreat was amazing and the favorite part of the trip for me. I loved the way that we came together and what I witnessed us achieve was awesome.

When I joined DXdao it was because of its “Decentralization First” vision. Over the course of the retreat, there was a lot of discussion around vision. In the end, all those discussions were distilled until we were left with “Enable Community Freedom’'. This is a vision that not only inspires, but literally captures the essence of Web3.

Key Takeaways from the retreat for me:

  1. Together: we actually get along really well and we are a team. We are committed to being flexible to achieve consensus.
  2. Team work: we realized that if we do not work together to help each other be successful, none of us are going to be successful.
  3. Communication: currently a bit discombobulated, but with some attention this can be corrected.

Something else I thought I might mention. Once a person is in the thick of things, it is very easy to lose sight of the fact that we are very much in uncharted waters when it comes to DAOs and how they operate. This trip to Colombia was a stark reminder that we are still learning and that we need to be patient with ourselves and one another. A reminder that mistakes do not mean failure and that the only failure would be to sit idle or be unwilling to change.

Based on the individual commitment I witnessed from everyone at the retreat, I would encourage us to continue listening to our instincts and to continue to trust ourselves. As individuals and as a team, we have demonstrated that we are not only in touch with the general consensus within the Web3 space, but that we are here to make a real difference and that it is not over yet. It is only just beginning.

In the words of Kirk Dameron “…Will it become just another failed experiment, or a powerful DAO that will change and evolve in interesting and no doubt fascinating way for decades? We don’t know.”

Note: “Enable Community Freedom’’ is not currently the official DXdao vision. It was the product of a distilling process of thoughts and ideas, performed on behalf of and with the input from DXdao contributors over the period of the retreat. As will all things DXdao, governance will determine the final version.


Awesome recap and reflection Wayne! So many learnings and key takeaways from our time in Colombia :smiley:

Looking forward to the future of DXdao :rocket:


Amazing write up Wayne! The retreat was super motivating and I can’t wait for the actions to come from deciding something we have never had before, a vision.