DXDao homepage V2

Before starting the discussion about a new version of the DXDAO homepage, I will quickly introduce myself.

I’m Nolan Vanmoortel full-stack developer in Belgium.
I have worked in various fields such as risk management for a hedge fund, an automated fall detection system for elderly people in hospitals(using Time of flight) and currently in intellectual property to help major brands to detect any copyright infringement(with AI and machine learning).

As a full-stack I operate both in the front-end (React, Redux, materialUI) and in the back-end (NodeJS, java, C#, Go etc…). I’m also lucky to have been able to work for almost 2 years on artificial intelligence projects (Pytorch).

Now that it’s done, here is my proposal.

We should update the DXDAO homepage to make it more attractive and to the standard of what is currently done.

Here’s how I think we should structure the pages:

  • The homepage should contain few elements, a very short description of what a DAO is, our different featured products with a link to their pages and the latest project in progress in order to attract curiosity about our discussion/voting/development process.

  • The projects page, a summary of the different projects and you can select a specific projet to get an overview, roadmap and a complete description of each project .

  • The community/governance page, there we will have a timeline with the different steps to reach a consensus.
    1. discussion on the different chats (keybase, telegram, discord)
    2. draft proposal on daotalk
    3. proposal on Alchemy

  • The information page, where you can have all the important information about the token, the governance, the distribution etc… if possible presented in a much more design way than a whitepaper.

The goal is really to make all this as design/clean as possible and encourage people to join us in this adventure.

If you’re interested and if this project is not urgent (because I’m still on a full time mission) I propose myself as a developer. This will be my first project that could lead to my full time transition to DXDao in November If you appreciated my collaboration.


I will keep this post up to date with my creative process.
Feel free to comment or discuss my choices :blush:

So the first step is to define all the user profiles that will come on our website.

I have identified 4 different profiles: tech enthusiast, investor, DXDao member and job seeker.

Tech enthusiasts want to know more about the technical aspect of the DAO or about the projects developed by the DAO.
They are already familiar with the technical terminology used.

Needs :

  • Which stack is used by DXDao to manage its governance?
  • More technical information on the stack (holographic consensus, REP, DXD, GEN)
  • How to reach a consensus? (Chronology from the simple discussion on the Keybase to the formal proposal on Alchemy)
  • What will be the future products of DXDao and maybe the new features of existing products?

Investors want to know the economics of the DAO and its DXD token.
As their time is often limited, we need to give them a brief description and focus on what will allow an appreciation of the price of the DXD token.

Needs :

  • What is a DAO? (in simple terms)
  • What is the DXD token and how will the price go up? (token economic)
  • Roadmap for future projects? (high level)
  • What is the current or future income?
  • Information about the bounding curve? Mechanism + current states
  • Team working for the DAO (can be pseudonymous)

DXDao members want to stay informed.
They are very aware of all the technical part but want to stay up to date quickly on the latest news.


  • Current status of the boundary curve
  • Team working on the DAO
  • Roadmap
  • All useful links
  • List of tasks to be performed

Jobseekers want to work find tasks to do, understand how to join DXDao.
Most of them already have a good knowledge of web3 and ethereum, but we still need to explain the concepts so we don’t stay in our silos.

The needs :

  • What is a DAO?
  • How to join the DAO and start working?
  • List of available jobs/tasks
  • How and how much will be paid

The next thing to think about is the theme.
We have several choices.

  • A serious and simple theme (as we have now). Good readability, investor friendly.
  • A more creative/futuristic theme. Easily memorable, will attract more attention.
  • A more fun/meme theme. Trendy, kek, unicorn, will attract degen investors.

Personally I think that keeping a serious theme is the best option because it allows us to go to the essentials and take less risk. It doesn’t mean that the community can’t be FUN, the success of chainlink is proof of that.


@vanmoortel this outline is great.
I agree that serious (and slightly tech feel) theme is good. Maybe adding some slight creative recognizable identifier would be cool too. Not a Mascot, but something that can be used across DXdao’s entire ecosystem.

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If the DAO could be more organized, that would be awesome.


I highly agree with this from Delphi


It’s one of my goals :grin:

Yes, we need to have a simple “dashboard” to monitor all the DAO’s activities.

Yes, I agree, I was thinking of putting a little more effort on a loading screen for example that could perhaps be reused within our different apps.
But that’s probably a job to be done in coordination with a graphic/designer.

Thanks everyone for your feedback ! Truly appreciated :blush: :

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+1 on the dashboard.

People primarily skim web pages.
Key metrics catch attention and convert more users.

FWIW, Bitmex homepage offers daily, monthly and annual volumes of trades to set the scene. There are multiple other metrics that DxDAO can showcase.


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Following the recent “discussions”, I leave this project for someone else.

I will wait to see how DXDao evolves before spending more time on it.

why “discussions” whats wrong?