DXdao generating revenue discussion

Starting a new thread for this topic off of the “Analysis on treasury spending, bonding curve + impacts on DXD secondary market” thread

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Ported from the other thread:

Also, may I start a side discussion on DAO generating revenue ?

With dHedge and confirmed to use Mesa and many other interested projects coming up, I don’t see why we can’t be obtaining revenue from it ? it seems clear to me at least, that Mesa is a very attractive product for initial listings.

I also dont think we need to ask for a significant amount of fees, like Uniswap charging 0.3% trading fees, maybe even 0.1% is a good start, that would make us charge less than even Coinbase, I don’t think the traders would mind it, at least I won’t, but I am open to discussions and suggestions.

This is an immediate and important topic.

Because it is mentioned above, specific to Mesa, sharing what I have learned so far from past and ongoing discussions:

  1. Token offerings using Mesa (it being one of the most fair places to do so) seems like a strength that DXdao can leverage.
  2. When you combine this with DXswap for additional secondary market trading - it starts to look very interesting.
  3. At this point in time - Mesa is not that well known, obvious choice for these offerings so it is in DXdao’s best interest to gather these use cases. Charging projects may not be the right choice at this time.
  4. There have been past and ongoing discussions about aligning the incentives of DXdao and Mesa with Gnosis and Gnosis Protocol. We are hoping to hear more soon. This could create revenue on these deals immediately.

There are clearly many other opportunities for DXdao to earn revenue. The question, as with most entities, is when and where to implement these strategies.


Nice one, I think we should also make a list of all viable options

Charging projects may not be the right choice at this time.

As a trader, I think small amounts of protocol fees, for example 0.05%, will not deter user away at all, I think 0.05% is not much to pay - but I do agree that we should focus on advertising the products, improving them, and getting more usage as the main focus.

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