DXdao Expenses Update November 2022

Check out the full expenses update from June 2022 here, and download all of the underlying data here.

Note: all data is up to date expenses lag a little because of late contributor proposals. Comparisons used September as the latest month with full data.

And a closer look at the last 6 months:

November numbers are already high because of the $150k payout for the vulnerability disclosure as well as $36k in payments for Colombia. October is not yet completed as still awaiting late contributor proposals.

Squad level breakdown

Colombia expenses breakdown

And we now have a fully tally of the costs for Colombia, everything from Infinite to Devcon to the Hackathon.

Screen Shot 2022-11-18 at 1.22.10 PM

Note: The Infinite expenses assume payments from co-organizers. The stipends covered 27 contributors, so $3,800 avg.

Takeaways & next steps

The expenses are backward looking and have not yet fully incorporated many of the changes that have started in the restructuring process (Swapr has significantly declined its spend, but that won’t show up fully until November) and there were lots of expenses related to Colombia that have just gone through.

I will send each squad’s expenses to squad leads so they can use it to craft their guild budget.

Here’s the download link for the excel again. Any questions/comments/feedback on the expenses?


FYI, fixed some typos in the spreadsheet. It doesn’t have any major changes to the costs breakdown, but does adjust some of the squad level numbers and should be used for future reference. Find a link to that spreadsheet here.