DXdao DXD Tracking

Hi All!

In addition to helping contributors on their worker proposals, one of the first priorities of the emerging Contributor Experience squad is to track DXD vesting payments as we build a more robust on-chain system.

Ally and I have gone through all of the past proposals on Alchemy and tried to come up with the most accurate version of DXD payments for workers, accounting for issued DXD to vesting contracts AND unissued DXD, which should be rewarded to workers along the vesting stipulations outlined in the Worker Compensation Guidelines.

See this sheet for our latest calculation

Some things to be aware of:

  • The DXD vesting price is determined by either the DXD $$$ ATH on Coingecko OR the ATH on the DXD/ETH price on the bonding curve. Use the lower $$$ amount for the DXD price. This spreadsheet gives you the DXD vesting price given a specific date
  • When a system is put in place, vesting should be calculated from the proposal submission date
  • If you earned vested DXD prior to September 1, 2020 please contact @allyq or me to rectify your numbers
  • Some contributors have not submitted worker proposals. That’s okay! But it means the DXD calculations will not be accurate. Reach out to @allyq or me on how to submit your past worker proposals

If you have any additional questions or would like to discuss anything on the tracking please contact @allyq or myself


Thank you @Melanie for posting this :slight_smile: If anyone has any questions or wants to chat about the DXD sheet please feel free to message me on Keybase! As well, there are some variables regarding DXD we are still working on figuring out (such as DXD owed on past contracts, when to request DXD previously owed, and vesting contract dates/whether it is retroactive etc.), and all of this will hopefully be figured out soon as we all continue to chat about it!


Great work @allyq and @Melanie !!!