DXdao Draft Contributor Guidelines: PROPOSAL ON xDAI

The below proposal to enact the Contributor Guidelines is now live on xDAI!

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For the past several weeks, the DXdao community has been working to reach a consensus on updated Contributor Guidelines that will be available to new and existing DXdao workers and the DXdao community.

The reason and need for this update is to streamline worker development and DXdao internal communications. As DXdao grows we want it to grow in a scalable manner, and a unified place for basic DXdao information helps us to get new and existing workers on the same page as efficiently as possible.

The Contributor Guidelines addresses worker onboarding, compensation, communications, DXdao structure, and general conduct in one place. Some of the topics and documents in the guidelines have already been agreed upon. However, most of the topics have either been updated or are completely new.

There’s a lot of content here, but we’d appreciate any comments and / or criticisms on what you like or want changed.

The Contributor Guidelines addresses the following topics:




  • Bounties
  • Contract Basis
  • Past Work
  • Time Commitments


  • 2-Week Trial Period
  • During the Trial Period
  • At the End of the Trial Period
  • Waiver of Trial Period – may be removed
  • Trial Period Checklist


  • Base Compensation in ETH or Dai
  • 50/50 Payment Structure
  • DXD Compensation on Top of Base Compensation
  • Determination of Price
  • REP
  • Calculating Monthly Compensation For Worker Proposals
  • DXdao Compensation Table
  • Experience Guidelines
  • [Example] Compensation Structure


  • When to submit a worker proposal
  • Worker Proposal Format – What to Include
  • Sample Worker Proposals
  • How-To Submit Your Worker Proposal on Alchemy
  • How-To DXD Vesting



  • Flat Hierarchy
  • Squads
  • Squad Leaders
  • Business Hours
  • Holidays
  • Vacation



  • Transparency
  • Decentralization
  • On-Chain


  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Duty of Good Faith and Fair Dealing

CONTRIBUTOR COVENANT – Need Consensus / see link in doc for more information on the covenant and how it can be used for moderators in our forums. I will be posting a separate DAOtalk proposal on this.

Here is a link to the DXdao Contributor Guidelines google doc.

I’m currently using the google doc format so that folks can make comments / criticisms. Once we’ve reached a final consensus on this, I’ll submit an Alchemy proposal, and if enacted, this info will be published on IPFS and included on our website.

Thanks!! :slight_smile:

UPDATE: see poll in comments regarding trial period worker pay structure.


I made some notes on the docs too.

As said, I still think this makes sens:

2 weeks trial, 50% of salary, do proposal upfront on daotalk, on-chain after completing work
first month, 70% of salary, do proposal upfront on daotalk, followed on-chain
second month, 90% of salary, do proposal upfront on daotalk, followed on-chain

he first and second month can be done in on proposal if you like.

We should not care about paying the other 50% of the trial, we are not a hire and fire company and you can stay for month/years which compensates you for this lower first salary.

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I don’t have a strong opinion about making the remaining 2 months of pay at a 70% and 90% level respectively. I do, however, think it makes the process more complicated. I also wonder if it is somewhat of a deterrent to new workers when we are trying to attract quality devs. I’d like to hear from others that have opinions either way.


Best would be to make this 80% for the 2 months because this is the same? So this can be calculated more easy, if there is something wrong with their performance the proposal will not pass anyway.

We need quality devs but also they need to have the right mindset to be part of us. It does not make sens to have people working only short time for us because of the salary. How we work is quite unique and if we, as a community, try to teach them how to work with us, they should stay some time.

So the 80% is also to repel this kind of people. If a worker is very qualified and only has a limited time to work for us, it would be far better to pay this people project based with clear delivery.

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UPDATE: Because of some feedback regarding the pay structure for worker trial periods, I’ve created the following poll. The issue here is whether to only reduce pay during the first two (2) weeks that a full-time worker starts with DXdao or reduce pay on a inclining scale for the first 2.5 months.

Option 1: new workers receive 50% of pay during the two (2) week trial period, then receive full pay.

Option 2: new workers receive 50% of pay during the two (2) week trial period, then receive 70% pay during the next full month of work and 90% pay during the following full month of work. The worker then receives full pay after working for DXdao for 2.5 months. .

Option 3: new workers receive 50% of pay during the two (2) week trial period, then receive 80% pay during the next two (2) full months of work. The worker then receives full pay after working for DXdao for 2.5 months.

Trial Period Pay Structure
  • Receive 50% pay first two (2) weeks of work, then receive full pay
  • Receive 50% pay first (2) weeks, then 70% pay for 1st month and 90% pay for 2nd month
  • Receive 50% pay first (2) weeks, then 80% pay for 1st and 2nd months

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Contributor Guidelines xDAI proposal now live!

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