DXdao "Documentation Book"

It’s no secret an information gap has existed within DXdao. With new information regularly superseding the older and a wide variety of content sprawling over several products, how is DXdao to manage it all?

Enter the documentation book.


Documentation books are designed as a “single source of truth”; a place where we can collect all of our content, instructional and otherwise, to be kept current and accessible.

There are a handful of documentation books. The most common is “Gitbook”, Githubs native solution. Although an attractive choice, through some discussion we concluded that “Just The Docs” will be a more decentralized approach for us.

Through “Just The Docs”, I have configured initial categories such as “Governance”, “Products”, among others - to be filled with individual subcategories such as “REP”, or “Alchemy”. All this information will be not only searchable natively but cross referenceable to itself and with the current DXdao homepage.

If you still are having trouble understanding, take a look at the most recent build on IPFS, or a few external examples:


@KeenanL, myself, has been coordinating this project.

@Violet configured JTD, and has been helping with implementation.

@pulpmachina (Tammy, but I cannot seem to find your Daotalk!) has been working on the Contributor Guidelines and helped with the framework for Governance and DXD sections.

Big thank you to the two of you, as well as anyone who offered insight or suggestions!


Although a formal decision has yet to be made regarding hosting, there are a few choices. Since this document is applicable to each of our products, using something along the lines of DXdocs.eth could make sense. Alternatively, @Zett now owns the docs.eth domain.

You can find the most recent IPFS build here.

You can find the active Github repository here.


Initially, the goal is to fill out the base level content and structure of the book, and have these pages cross-referenced to DXdao.eth.link (Our current landing page, not the upcoming page being worked on by Entrecasa, although I will be working alongside Leandro to ensure this will exist). At this stage, this is nearly complete. Although the initial timeline was for the end of February, we discovered that we needed additional help with Ruby-related issues. As soon as we can address these, we will be ready to move forward.

To me, the book will not be “Complete” until DXdao contributors make 3-6 months of additions and modifications. Even then, this documentation book is designed to be a living representation of DXdao - where we can share information with developers, community members, and everyone in between. As a result, it may never be “complete”, but rather evolve alongside our organization.


In case you aren’t in the #documentation-book channel on Keybase, here is what is left to be done.

  • Prepare missing base level content (Landing, product landing, swapr/rails intro)

  • Make room for misc documents (extra tutorials, technical docs, etc…)

  • Integrate airtable and text associated with meetings

  • Find a solution for branding assets (Current branding assets page from HTML → markdown?)

  • Open “Get Connected” so social links are available on the highest level (If possible)

  • Find dark mode solution (toggle vs permanent)

  • Ensure all relevant links lead internally rather than to a google doc

  • Ensure all links lead externally through a single click (EG. Socials)

Relevant issues have already been opened, and are being worked on where applicable. Violet is assisting with getting help regarding Ruby-specific issues.

As always, I’m open to any comments or suggestions. Thank you for reading!


This is an important step in the direction of robust knowledge tracking! Nice work. Excited to start using and sharing it.

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I am new here, and I found this documentation very useful. There is a lot going on with DxDao and it’s a bit of a struggle to understand all that is going on!

I hope this Documentation Book is well maintained and developed over the course of the next few months!


This is an important initiative. Thanks for kicking it off @KeenanL. It would be great to flesh this out more. Product/squad leads should be preparing updates. couple additional points:

  • I’m planning to complete a draft for the Governance and Contributor Hub sections by March 31.
  • We should incorporate this into our flow start keeping track of things that need to be included/add. The developer call is doing architecture overviews for the products and these would be great to put in the docs.
  • This would be a great thing for bounties. I’m thinking about the “FAQ” and “DXD” sections. It would be a great way to engage the community.

I updated a version of the Worker Proposal guide that is specific to xDai. I think this would be a great thing to host on the Docs.

How can I get it integrated?

I will implement this right away, once this is live we can develop a workflow for anyone to make additions/changes.

Important update:

The review copy, or alpha, of DXdocs is ready for testing! (I know I know, not quite as fun as Swapr farming testing!)

The site can be found here!

Once you’ve had a look around, filling out this form would be greatly appreciated!

Alternatively or in addition to filling out the form, making issues on Github is a great way to help further.

I will be reaching out individually to those with a focus on content creation/curation/communication shortly! This was taken from the Documentation Book channel on Keybase.

Thanks everyone. :slight_smile: