DXdao Discord REP Boosts Q4 2021


Welcome to 2022! In Q1 of 2021, we’ve organized a quarterly REP boost that targets community activity and retention. Since then there have been three successful Discord REP boosts, with this fourth boost wrapping up the 2021 year. As usual, this will need to pass through governance as a signal before users are eligible to claim. Here is some context from the original proposal:

With the introduction of the DXdao Discord server, @KeenanLuke has proposed an initiative to get more community members involved in Governance. A governance gateway drug, if you will. This functions as a quarterly allocation; a way for us to leave the door open to those most active in the community to further involvement with DXdao and its governance.

In its current configuration, the DXdao Discord server tracks a user’s participation in the preceding quarter and assigns a role based on quantity and quality of the engagement. More information explaining this is coming soon directly within Discord.


The below list contains all users eligible for a boost, their respective level, and the allocation of mainnet REP they are entitled to receive. Active DXdao contributors are not eligible for this initiative, and have been removed from the list. Anyone nominated for a traditional community REP boost is still eligible for this initiative, since high levels are difficult to obtain and the REP is distributed quarterly instead of monthly.

Although the entitlement is in mainnet REP, it is highly advised that community members request their REP via xDXdao - where governance contract interaction is a fraction of a cent. Anyone is welcome to reach out to @KeenanLuke, or any other community member involved with governance, requesting a small amount of xDai to make their REP request proposal and start voting!

If no concerns have arisen within a few days of this post being live, @KeenanLuke will create a signal proposal on Gnosis Chain to update this initiative. If the proposal passes, @KeenanLuke will notify those who are eligible and assist in the claiming process by updating the “DXdao Discord REP Boost Guide”. A dedicated channel for the Discord REP boosts will be opened in the Governance category of the DXdao Discord, where eligible participants will be notified.

Level 1 - 0.00% REP (0 REP)

Too many to list. The requirements for level 1 have been lowered since the Discord REP boosts were proposed, and as such this level will not receive REP in the Q4 boost round.

Level 2 - 0.01% REP (173.289 REP)

  • Bodo#0453 (ID: 166350449853595648)
  • atakan-IntroToDefi#7962 (ID: 228250011115323392)
  • Ankharia#4989 (ID: 284892037269028864)
  • Chiminiv9#2013 (ID: 299280741592989696)
  • Attenboro#5258 (ID: 365057833865314305)
  • Sebastian | HOPRnet.org#9923 (ID: 387516359728300033)
  • ₡oach₡ryptos#6621 (ID: 401446846897192961)
  • JΞRΞMY#0001 (ID: 426479599338127390)
  • Brisk#9676 (ID: 480146961651990543)
  • goddrane#9599 (ID: 480318986802692106)
  • Moonster#4130 (ID: 498310653698899969)

Level 3 - 0.015% REP (259.933 REP)

  • Pipou C-01 lvl8 invite 4#3529 (ID: 707918659854794782)
  • MrLambo#0673 (ID: 734430830868299901)
  • monstrosity#5714 (ID: 737822744963711039)
  • T Wells#9070 (ID: 760279960991694848)
  • ugointhecity​:bat::loud_sound:#9239 (ID: 813473071897509948)
  • awbvious#9957 (ID: 829495717403295784)
  • JackZack#0811 (ID: 867923672155975711)
  • yuanyuan#2101 (ID: 870557470706237481)
  • 0xPuffin#7620 (ID: 872186561846980618)
  • whatt4#3606 (ID: 907179088769351760)

Level 4 - 0.02% REP (346.578 REP)

  • chris224466#1109 (ID: 537377837166886932)
  • TheThriller#2193 (ID: 658095818502569985)
  • SydMead400SuperDriver#3726 (ID: 847494557859184680)
  • DeFi Slate#1221 (ID: 885060225533624330)

Level 5 - 0.03% REP (519.867 REP)

  • mohseng#7930 (ID: 375471494081282048)
  • PhiMarHal#9107 (ID: 829007024523706386)

Level 6 - 0.035% REP (606.511 REP)

  • Cantillon#9803 (ID: 737986068623917117)

Level 7 - 0.04% REP (693.156 REP)

  • Spreek#2989 (ID: 136272881666621440)

Level 8 - 0.045% REP (779.800 REP)

  • hedgedhog#9790 (ID: 107443072576573440)
  • Sarah#5260 (ID: 272532221259284490)
  • xagxau#5985 (ID: 681904611652796515)
  • 0xSpicySoup#5803 (ID: 770240743884849162)

Level 9 - 0.05% REP (866.445 REP)

  • mango#7271 (ID: 333060031761088513)

Level 10 - 0.06% REP (1039.734 REP)

  • luigy 𝗹𝗲𝗺𝗼𝗻#1337 (ID: 280788802631630858)
  • kirishima#6352 (ID: 893219277149175898)

Wow! I would be so honored to receive REP as proposed here. Thank you


The on-chain proposal has now been submitted and boosted!

Inviting DXdao governance to come vote on the Q4 Discord REP boosts. Assuming successful passage, I will be updating the REP claim document and notifying eligible participants.



Thrilled to see my name on list :sweat_smile:. Can’t wait!


Great! I am also happy to see my name here. Gave me boost!


The Q4 Discord REP Boost signal proposal has passed!


We now invite anyone listed in the signal proposal (same list as above) to claim their associated REP on Gnosis Chain.

If this is your first time, or you just want to confirm you are making the right steps, you may follow the DXdao Discord Q4 REP Boost Guide. If you are having any trouble accessing the IPFS link, you can find the doc here.

Eligible participants will be notified on Discord shortly. Thanks all!