DXdao Discord REP Boost


With the introduction of the DXdao Discord server, @KeenanLuke has proposed an initiative to get more community members involved in Governance. This wouldn’t be a quarterly distribution, but rather a quarterly allocation; a way for us to leave the door open to those most active in the community to further involvement with DXdao and its governance.

In its current configuration, the DXdao Discord server tracks a user’s participation in the preceding quarter and assigns a role based on quantity and quality of the engagement. Since these roles are based on the previous 90 days, it makes lots of sense to distribute some REP this way. Users wouldn’t be able to participate at an early date, and collect REP regularly despite no recent contribution.

Note: Roles are designed with scalability in mind, it is not expected that many reach the highest participation levels for some time. As community discussion ramps up, these roles will become more feasible to attain. We could also explore changing it to 10 levels, or even making less roles that have more individual meaning.


The below list contains all users eligible for a boost, their respective level, and the allocation of mainnet REP they are entitled to receive. Active DXdao contributors are not eligible for this initiative and have been removed from the list. Anyone nominated for a traditional community REP boost should still be eligible for this initiative, since high levels are difficult to obtain and the REP is distributed quarterly instead of monthly. This is, of course, up for discussion.

Although the entitlement is in mainnet REP, it is highly advised that community members request their REP via xDXdao - where governance contract interaction is a fraction of a penny. Anyone is welcome to reach out to @KeenanLuke requesting a small amount of xDai to make their REP request proposal and start voting!

If no concerns have arisen within 2 days of this post being live, @KeenanLuke will create a signal proposal on xDai on the implementation of this initiative. If the proposal passes, @KeenanLuke will notify those who are eligible and assist in the claiming process by creating an updated version of the “DXdao Community REP Boost Guide” targeted specifically to those eligible for the Discord initiative (The guide will be updated to walk through the xDai proposal process as well!).

The List

Level 1 - 0.01% REP (154.72 REP)

  • Anglorex#0001

  • daomerchants#3961

  • Poyo#3078

  • Rav3n™#8648

  • fernund#1218

  • CREED#6320

  • Sarnyak#1670

  • sweet_memory#3338

  • Kastormagic#6238

  • hedgedhog#9790

  • Prac#2364

  • Boolean-Bullion#6980

  • thattonton#8862

  • Leroy Genkins#0420

  • killtx#5004

  • :star:Jigglypuff​:star:#8413

  • Leifeng BTC12 Capital#4300

  • SRK#8473

  • willjgriff :honeybee:#6164

  • CanY#3454

  • snowhh#9358

  • dcrypto211#5321

  • John Dwayne#2167

Level 2 - 0.03% REP (464.1 REP)

  • Cantillon#9803

  • LeadParachutes#6413

  • Plum#1111

  • lemoe#9357

  • ___#3211

  • Prazen#3557

  • MadMaister | NFTfi.com#0346

  • cybenz#5792

Level 3 - 0.05% REP (773.6 REP)

Level 4 - 0.07% REP (1083.09 REP)

Level 5 - 0.09% REP (N/A)

  • N/A

Level 6 - 0.1% REP (N/A)

  • N/A

Max REP Distributed

0.69% total between 35 community members

This equates to a maximum allocation of 0.23% per month, for the 1st quarter of 2021.


This is a great initiative to expand REP distribution and DXdao governance. Thank you @KeenanL for leading it!


The signal proposal for the Q1 Discord REP Boost has gone live!

Take a look and vote here.


The signal proposal has since passed!

DXdao has signaled its support of the DXdao Discord REP Boost program, and invites those listed on the Q1 snapshot to create a proposal to claim their REP!

A document has been prepared detailing the claim process on xDai, which you can read here. If you are eligible for this round and need any help, or need a small amount of xDai to create your proposal, please feel free to reach out to me.

I can be found on DAOtalk, Keybase, and Discord (Keenan#8735).

A message will be sent publicly to eligible Discord users shortly!

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